IOS application reviews dataset in English

Ratings and reviews dataset from apps

IOS application reviews extracted from the different countries. These reviews given in english only. Crawl feeds extracted this dataset for reaserch and analysis purposes.

Data points:

rating, review_date, app_name, title, country, tags, app_id, content, version, link, _id, user_name

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[ { "rating": 4, "review_date": "2021-03-20T00:00:00Z", "app_name": "among-us", "tags": "", "country": "gb", "title": "Noice", "app_id": 1351168404, "content": "Very noice", "version": "2021.3.5", "link": "", "_id": "f5653fdb-b25d-5c5c-b296-47062da1f75d", "user_name": "jejdhddjjd" }, { "rating": 5, "review_date": "2021-03-10T00:00:00Z", "app_name": "wordscapes", "tags": "", "country": "us", "title": "Awesome!", "app_id": 1207472156, "content": "Great for the brain!", "version": "1.14.0", "link": "", "_id": "ce7515b4-651c-5b0e-b7ea-3586a083fb3b", "user_name": "Sva777" }, { "rating": 5, "review_date": "2021-02-22T00:00:00Z", "app_name": "afk-arena", "tags": "", "country": "us", "title": "Cool game!", "app_id": 1375425432, "content": "Very free to play friendly!", "version": "1.57.03", "link": "", "_id": "7f003bcf-663b-5c02-ad4c-10dd03075a03", "user_name": "thenqozcje" }, { "rating": 2, "review_date": "2021-02-09T00:00:00Z", "app_name": "offerup-buy-sell-simple", "tags": "", "country": "us", "title": "Needs to improve", "app_id": 468996152, "content": "I hate the \u201c is it available, this app needs yo find a way to filter out sellers wasting your time.", "version": "4.0.34", "link": "", "_id": "4a735c15-af22-5309-b815-748b5d11ac9b", "user_name": "Aaronstyles" } ]