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[ { "_id": "7d512229-9736-582e-94aa-ecf08982caa1", "average_rating": "4.3", "category": "Mobiles", "crawled_at": "02/10/2021, 20:21:21", "description": "Best in class , value for 11k , good camera clarity, good battery back up , working fine compare to redmi note 4 ...", "dislikes": "188", "images": [], "likes": "727", "location": "Chennai", "pid": "MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6", "price": "\u20b911,999", "product": "Honor 6X (Grey, 32 GB)", "rating": "5", "review_title": "Great product", "reviewed_at": "Sep, 01 2017", "reviewed_by": "Rajasekar R", "source": "https://www.flipkart.com", "url": "https://www.flipkart.com/honor-6x-grey-32-gb/product-reviews/itmexczyddznvhd2?pid=MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6&lid=LSTMOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6JQA20L&marketplace=FLIPKART", "verified_purchase": true }, { "_id": "d42a48c9-0be7-53b7-a9ee-356ac16799d6", "average_rating": "4.3", "category": "Mobiles", "crawled_at": "02/10/2021, 20:21:21", "description": "Awesome Camera Awesome display Awesome ui with 7.0 nougat update Overall best budget smartphone. I have both redmi note 4 and honor 6x. There is no need of comparison. HONOR 6x is the clear winner. (overall)", "dislikes": "32", "images": [], "likes": "145", "location": "New Delhi", "pid": "MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6", "price": "\u20b911,999", "product": "Honor 6X (Grey, 32 GB)", "rating": "5", "review_title": "Excellent", "reviewed_at": "Oct, 01 2017", "reviewed_by": "Flipkart Customer", "source": "https://www.flipkart.com", "url": "https://www.flipkart.com/honor-6x-grey-32-gb/product-reviews/itmexczyddznvhd2?pid=MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6&lid=LSTMOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6JQA20L&marketplace=FLIPKART", "verified_purchase": true }, { "_id": "ee572dc9-ef3c-5104-b024-116d6f97909e", "average_rating": "4.3", "category": "Mobiles", "crawled_at": "02/10/2021, 20:21:21", "description": "Hi everyone, I would like to share my experience of using honor 6x on third day of my owning it. First I would like to mention what I always look for in a smartphone before planning to buy a smartphone. Without mentioning that putting forward my views is of not much to use for the one who is looking forward to buy one. Everyone has different criteria based on which we rate the Product. Factors on which I usually buy a Mobile phone are.1. Battery - cause I believe how much good a phone i...", "dislikes": "12", "images": [], "likes": "47", "location": "Hyderabad", "pid": "MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6", "price": "\u20b911,999", "product": "Honor 6X (Grey, 32 GB)", "rating": "4", "review_title": "Really Nice", "reviewed_at": "Nov, 01 2017", "reviewed_by": "syed mustafa", "source": "https://www.flipkart.com", "url": "https://www.flipkart.com/honor-6x-grey-32-gb/product-reviews/itmexczyddznvhd2?pid=MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6&lid=LSTMOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6JQA20L&marketplace=FLIPKART", "verified_purchase": true }, { "_id": "8d9fe22a-de74-5998-91d7-9f7ce63f8b9d", "average_rating": "4.3", "category": "Mobiles", "crawled_at": "02/10/2021, 20:21:21", "description": "After a long confusion between Lenove K8 Plus and Honor 6x I go for this because of it camera performance .Only if some one comfortable with 5.5 inches scene then this is a worth deal.Price : I purchase this on big billion sell at 9899 Indian rupees. I think no doubt it is a great deal.Screen : The handset screen is awesome. I use other 10K mobile but I never so impress as this make me.Battery Life : The battery life is really awesome. With moderate usage I get about two days of battery li...", "dislikes": "14", "images": [], "likes": "37", "location": "Arambagh", "pid": "MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6", "price": "\u20b911,999", "product": "Honor 6X (Grey, 32 GB)", "rating": "5", "review_title": "Simply awesome", "reviewed_at": "Sep, 01 2017", "reviewed_by": "Suman kumar kundu", "source": "https://www.flipkart.com", "url": "https://www.flipkart.com/honor-6x-grey-32-gb/product-reviews/itmexczyddznvhd2?pid=MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6&lid=LSTMOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6JQA20L&marketplace=FLIPKART", "verified_purchase": true }, { "_id": "55b6e4c5-7662-5873-a0aa-ec807166eff8", "average_rating": "4.3", "category": "Mobiles", "crawled_at": "02/10/2021, 20:21:21", "description": "A big wow what you get-*Better Rear camera than Redmi note 5 and any samsung 13MP camera*Beautiful in looks*No smartphone battery lasts more then a day, using redmi 5 notebut the battery performance of honor 6x is better than many of this range.*Fast charger works like a charm. You could charge 100% in less than 40 minutesthe only worst thing is Price quote-it should be under 10kbetter go get redmi 5 pro or honor 9 lite if you are ready to pay 13-14k", "dislikes": "9", "images": [ "https://rukminim1.flixcart.com/blobio/124/124/20180421/blobio-20180421_d1v0ckmg.jpg?q=90" ], "likes": "31", "location": "Varanasi", "pid": "MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6", "price": "\u20b911,999", "product": "Honor 6X (Grey, 32 GB)", "rating": "4", "review_title": "Wonderful", "reviewed_at": "Apr, 01 2018", "reviewed_by": "Vikas Maheshwari", "source": "https://www.flipkart.com", "url": "https://www.flipkart.com/honor-6x-grey-32-gb/product-reviews/itmexczyddznvhd2?pid=MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6&lid=LSTMOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6JQA20L&marketplace=FLIPKART", "verified_purchase": true }, { "_id": "f6ea67ef-92f0-575c-a04e-1e1cdb5839bf", "average_rating": "4.3", "category": "Mobiles", "crawled_at": "02/10/2021, 20:21:21", "description": "best phone for photography lovers in this price tag..GO FOR IT.. BUT BEFORE THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW YOUR PRIORITY.. PROS- CAMERA IS BEST WITH HUGE OPTIONS DISPLAY QUALITY ALSO GOOD(FHD) BATTERY BACKUP AWESOME (AVG 8HOURS SOT)UI ALSO HIGHLY CUSTOMISED.. PHONE LOOKS GREAT WITH DUAL CAMERACONS-audio output through speaker is not so loud.. same case in case of earphone(it's sound quality good but not so loud)2nd sim slot only supports only 2g..HIGH QUALITY GAME, (bigger than 2gb) l...", "dislikes": "13", "images": [], "likes": "62", "location": "South Twenty Four Parganas District", "pid": "MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6", "price": "\u20b911,999", "product": "Honor 6X (Grey, 32 GB)", "rating": "5", "review_title": "Just wow!", "reviewed_at": "Oct, 01 2017", "reviewed_by": "santu das", "source": "https://www.flipkart.com", "url": "https://www.flipkart.com/honor-6x-grey-32-gb/product-reviews/itmexczyddznvhd2?pid=MOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6&lid=LSTMOBEWA9MA5HCNFN6JQA20L&marketplace=FLIPKART", "verified_purchase": true } ]