Get the data as per your needs in sustainable prices.

Pre crawled datasets

Crawl feeds store have 200+ datasets these you can download instantly after the payment.

Get data of entire sites, including millions of records and data points, in key industry verticals. Optional to refresh datasets upon your request.

We will offer good discounts to students on pre crawled datasets.
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Custom scraping

If you are not able to find suitable dataset from pre crawled dataset for your requirements we will take requirments and extract data as per your needs.

Basic requirments are website name, data format, data points and frequency.
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Image extraction

We can download images from any public website. We don't convert images to different formats and different sizes. We will share the images in bulk via crawl feeds dashboard or google drive.

We write custom script for each site and we define image folder structure and image name as per the requirments.

Download link is accesible for 15 days.
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