Flipkart Products and Reviews Datasets

Flipkart is largest E-commerce website based out india. Pre crawled dataset having more than 5 million records. These datasets are ideal for analysis and machine learning algorithms.


flipkart.com product listings dataset.

Pre crawled flipkart products dataset with more than 5M+ products datasets with 17 fields.

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Download 30K sample records

title, url, actual_price, selling_price, category, crawled_at, description, sub_category, brand, pid, product_details, seller, discount, selling_price, images, _id, average_rating, out_of_stock.


flipkart.com product reviews dataset.

Product reviews dataset with more than 10M+ reviews dataset with 19 fields.

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Download 15K+ sample records

category, rating, reviewd_at, _id, crawled_at, description, reviewed_by, source, url, dislikes, price, pid, product, average_rating, review_title, location, images, likes, verified_purchase.

Where to use flipkart.com products dataset
  • Train machine learning algorithms
  • Check discounts of various categories products
  • ind out which brand and categories having best discounts