IOS apps reviews dataset - 1.9M+ records

Ratings and reviews dataset from apps

IOS apps reviews dataset with more than 1.9M+ records dataset.

Last crawled at: 29 march 2021

Individual column percentage

rating 100%
review_date 100%
app_name 100%
tags 37.62%
country 100.0%
title 100.0%
app_id 100.0%
content 99.99%
version 86.33%
link 100%
_id 100%


Countries covered: 102

tr, my, sa, mx, au, us, lb, fr, cz, om, gb, ar, br, se, pe, cl, ph, co, es, cr, no, it, de, pl, be, za, ru, tw, cn, ng, kr, ca, ua, jp, sv, vn, nl, in, do, ro, hu, ch, at, sg, th, id, ae, pa, dk, mo, gr, ec, hk, gt, pt, pk, nz, kw, bo, kz, lu, gh, ie, ve, eg, ke, il, qa, bg, hr, cy, fi, lt, dz, by, kh, lv, iq, lk, uz, uy, az, py, sk, mz, rs, mt, bh, ao, bb, ni, mg, ly, si, tn, ma, ee, mm, ge, ye, bm, af

Data points:

rating, review_date, app_name, title, country, tags, app_id, content, version, link, _id, user_name

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[ {"rating": 3, "review_date": "2021-03-12T00:00:00Z", "app_name": "2ctv", "title": "Network problems", "country": "gh", "tags": "Network", "app_id": 1101316803, "content": "Why is it that when ever I subscribe to watch program then the network becomes poor is it a fraud or what", "version": null, "link": "", "_id": "bcd26c4c-1260-55f5-a855-988e098dca84", "user_name": "mama akua"}, {"rating": 3, "review_date": "2021-02-15T00:00:00Z", "app_name": "2ctv", "title": "Network problems", "country": "gh", "tags": "Bugs, Network", "app_id": 1101316803, "content": "Am trying to watch max tv but it\u2019s not working please check the network please I really need it please.thank you", "version": null, "link": "", "_id": "bcd26c4c-1260-55f5-a855-988e098dca84", "user_name": "mama akua"}, {"rating": 1, "review_date": "2021-02-10T00:00:00Z", "app_name": "2ctv", "title": "Bad app", "country": "gh", "tags": "Hate it", "app_id": 1101316803, "content": "Bad appp no one should waste bundle to download wai Na they are fraud eeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii", "version": null, "link": "", "_id": "0872734c-15b6-55d8-9edf-bcd93befbd58", "user_name": "efuvina"} ]