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Android is still most popular mobile operating system. That has a potential to analyse users behaviours and trends. Crawl feeds team extracted for research and analysis purposes. Last extracted on 13 Apr 2022.

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Url Review id User name User image Content Score Likes count Review created version Reviewed at Reply content Replied at Uniq id Scraped at gp:AOqpTOFBRbU0FzrENBCU37xwrFgyubz505xSK895rdxHi3-qpRGPaA4AZLIDn8OMgUX-_8OzWlKqQx6sIPqfHpw Khushi Pandey It's always show you network error please help me Even I am connected to my data and wifi 2 0 1.1 2022-03-26 00:15:17 54c0ed88-4203-5005-8c7a-b214a1276c0c 13/04/2022 01:23:01 gp:AOqpTOE5YL9oJrRXuGp3rZIKZB-jAzy6jJuu-NkaxyjgHKq1vBFdXBJys1-Fu1SMlk5Ke9O06B1i-XAmBCWDarY Katharina Bruderer If you want to discover and to experience Switzerland you NEED this App. The idea and realisation of the different dialects is great fun and shows how a small country as Switzerland surprises us with many different traditions. Breathtaking views, mindblowing landscapes, multi-cultual, fascinating history, welcoming people, great food and wines and and and. There is much more to discover as you can imagine. 4 2 1.1 2020-07-31 21:13:21 cb574288-d800-5559-b476-366191e9ed02 13/04/2022 01:23:01 gp:AOqpTOG57CVhLqz5sJQw5T2L1Od1NR7cqFCWI98sQjTLL2INFD20COXdLJBxUac0fjVrbZpYrYqrkXKcrARNLQ Melinda Raphael Freezes ALL THE TIME EVERY TIME U OPEN THE APP! IT'S INFURIATING! And then it further freezes the whole phone, then u gotta close ALL APPS and go into the app coz just going an all round optimise does not work and u gotta force stop it manually then reopen the app then it'll freeze again but won't freeze for as long. I've had to force stop and open and force stop and open EVERY TIME I OPEN THE CAMERA. it's a pain in the ARSE especially if u need to take a photo quickly 1 26 1.3 2021-06-07 12:55:58 4e3eb607-d8a5-5adc-b027-79cca726b531 13/04/2022 01:23:03 gp:AOqpTOFcYUXY-k1gsHRl4f5vIpqaoE-MmxkuqesYeUyfXm4Ccr4LI5JYxpmfZoZ0IZ5X2SrxIvatgF9gGwwshA Alessandro Gioffrè d'Ambra PLEASE TURN İT BACK TO THE PREVİOUS VERSİON, WHİCH WAS GREAT; THİS İS İNCREDİBLE SLOW! 1 2 1.4 2022-01-28 00:27:13 97601786-d5af-506d-bd7b-98b96261a338 13/04/2022 01:23:03 gp:AOqpTOE0zlPPqbTyv_poupIrTogbzF7QQngu7xI5mFmXGFFF4gva7iqx0s4kgMLGyCym_FdgbeQBLhA-8mvhfg sariyaab I hatw it because who whats to us the flash its just loght and the qulity is horrable i hate it. Sorey dor tje bad englisg 1 17 1.3 2020-10-23 01:11:41 c355f585-32e4-50a5-9c08-39d5de7dea4f 13/04/2022 01:23:03 gp:AOqpTOEIX6_rrWFHlrz8Vp2rVrJg5mfSu_S-cafG1a60vsrPlkpyF4iAIv-VaLLToYk7YTvFsrSnY6HtmVlbDw Malcolm Ouma Kept closing after every shot 1 2 2021-04-02 21:13:59 33e948db-213e-5e8d-a500-1f25ec265811 13/04/2022 01:23:03 gp:AOqpTOGnmiEpGmQUPCbx095G22-Mhb-DoBw7b3XXmeOnXJJBr0XQm1K2FwW7H1KLr589xMbkzCkDod2v3MLUMg Joanne Majiet Still not working 1 1 1.3 2021-03-20 00:05:01 cca66eb7-4e5c-513a-8810-f50e507425dc 13/04/2022 01:23:03 gp:AOqpTOFw8N2DCboc7arVHTmz4tSv9nMdWuPEmjsdBoFbH5CMikq88C22riJc3cRgiRCt7VzPfyqQIYnOjYBiAQ Agblevor Samson Backview is not operative 1 1 1.3 2021-04-30 09:40:57 d9f4d5c7-d3d0-5acd-a2ae-9baddc89ddae 13/04/2022 01:23:03 gp:AOqpTOGUqzZqMTkh40Vwfi7x21x9M3VsWMtyiyzJavgl6csdFe1DXLTrIrZatJvT1DrQ7dGNi664MaKrvyazKw Tanushree Das Worst app ever 1 2 1.3 2021-04-09 11:57:10 48e92c34-8517-5881-bb05-ad465ead003e 13/04/2022 01:23:03 gp:AOqpTOH6zSlowSrMjs42dkcA5E-Zdui8d4xlYKDEj4Kq5iI78nkXBRhxYpX_YRNgCEo2hqarHZwHHG7U0kyelQ Serame Mokoena Amazing 😗 1 1 1.3 2021-06-18 03:36:25 70496ee0-d710-53ce-9157-84cf0ce394ee 13/04/2022 01:23:03