IOS App Store reviews dataset

Ratings and reviews dataset from apps

IOS application reviews dataset from different countries.

Data points:

_id, app_id, app_name, country, crawled_at, isEdited, rating, review, title, url, userName

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[ { "_id": "f1d56d5d-73bf-5544-91c1-ece41d80c5bc", "app_id": 363590051, "app_name": "netflix", "country": "bn", "crawled_at": "03/02/2021, 09:59:20", "date": "2018/12/13, 1:13:12", "isEdited": "false", "rating": 4, "review": "Since the latest update, the addition of fast forward/backward buttons is a godsend. Can you please add setting for contrast? Most of the series/movies becomes unviewable when night/dark scenes pops up", "title": "Contrast setting", "url": "", "userName": "Iken82" }, { "_id": "3ea162f0-db6a-515d-a3a8-6c523f027108", "app_id": 363590051, "app_name": "netflix", "country": "bn", "crawled_at": "03/02/2021, 09:59:20", "date": "2018/11/29, 5:48:10", "isEdited": "false", "rating": 3, "review": "Please make the download movies available to all devices that use the same account. I downloaded movies and dramas using the apps in my phone but once I use the app in my laptop my download is not list in there. It can only be seen only in phone. Make it applicable to all if use the same account. Please fix this. Make all the downloaded movies to one account. Not different devices or apps. Thank you.", "title": "Downloads", "url": "", "userName": "AZ H M ANZ" }, { "_id": "8d094b99-3c8d-5c78-9413-444d35733197", "app_id": 363590051, "app_name": "netflix", "country": "bn", "crawled_at": "03/02/2021, 09:59:20", "date": "2020/9/3, 9:45:35", "isEdited": "false", "rating": 5, "review": "I found in YouTube there is another anime season about Meliodas can u put another season there are two more seasons pls put them in the meliodas anime pls pls \ud83e\udd7a\ud83e\udd7a\ud83e\udd7a\ud83e\udd7a", "title": "Make a new season", "url": "", "userName": "godzzlia" }, { "_id": "f4e36bcd-d2c5-5a7a-9805-70dbf01fdae3", "app_id": 363590051, "app_name": "netflix", "country": "bn", "crawled_at": "03/02/2021, 09:59:20", "date": "2018/4/5, 14:22:59", "isEdited": "false", "rating": 1, "review": "I would like to pay, It says cannot, I would Like to cancel streaming also cannot, what do i do? Can Netflix Reply and help", "title": "Payment Method Error", "url": "", "userName": "leong4331" }, { "_id": "7f82b6bd-d61e-5192-9920-b1ff85d1d46d", "app_id": 544007664, "app_name": "youtube", "country": "td", "crawled_at": "03/04/2021, 17:38:08", "date": "2019/2/21, 18:4:55", "isEdited": "false", "rating": 4, "review": "\u00c7a nous aide", "title": "Bien", "url": "", "userName": "Mahamout" } ]