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Ratings and reviews dataset from trustpilot

Crawl Feeds team extracted around 850K records from trustpilot. Large reviews dataset helps in sentiment analysis and NLP.

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name, company_url, trustpilot_url, description, author_name, review_title, review_text, rating, reviewed_at, uniq_id, scraped_at

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name company_url trustpilot_url description author_name review_title review_text rating reviewed_at uniq_id scraped_at
Jardipolys Jardipolys, c’est la marque référence dans le domaine des aménagements extérieurs pour jardin, proposant une gamme de produits pratiques, design et accessibles. Des bacs à fleurs, carrés potagers, panneaux brise-vue et brise vent, armoires, mobilier, ainsi qu’une gamme spéciale de cabanes pour enfants en bois 100% naturel, sans aucun traitement. Tous ces produits sont entièrement personnalisables, prêts à être peints ou lasurés. Tout est pensé pour embellir votre espace et créer votre univers extérieur. Client Table model ROBUSTE Table model : Robuste Elle porte bien son nom facile a monter (pré-assemblée) épaisse et de bonne qualité . 5 2022-06-15T19:54:39.000Z a21c8039-d196-5f25-bc8c-e952511e2dc1 06/18/22
ClevGuard jennifer Love i would recommend this program i would recommend this program its has wonderful features an customer service is awesome just buy it you wont regret it 5 2022-06-15T23:06:46.000Z 0de82c42-5c12-5805-a280-095cad8bdc7d 06/18/22
ClevGuard customer Good support provided by the entire… Good support provided by the entire team as soon as they can!Much appreciated service. 5 2022-06-14T12:25:34.000Z 0de82c42-5c12-5805-a280-095cad8bdc7d 06/18/22
ClevGuard V Baars Encouraging you to stalk your partner? No refunds. We signed up for this for my young daughter so we can keep her safe online and soon started receiving emails about how we could spy on our partners. With ethics like this we were concerned about the data safety and security and decided to cancel. They have refused to refund for the subscription which is against consumer rights. Really disturbed by the companies approach- not safe at all. 2 2022-06-13T12:10:48.000Z 0de82c42-5c12-5805-a280-095cad8bdc7d 06/18/22
ClevGuard Bella Hills Farm I am unable to download software and can't get refund I am unable to download software on my child's phone it absolutely will not open the download software. Thus I cannot use it. This would be much easier if it was just an app that you could download from Google Play Store. After 2+ hours of utter frustration I reached out to customer support to cancel my order. They will not cancel my order until tech support looks at it and can't figure it out for themselves. This is really frustrating. I don't have time to sit and troubleshoot with a tech support team for hours on end. I've already wasted enough time on this. I paid for a year subscription and I really wish I would have only paid for a month. I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase this you only go with one month first to ensure that it works before proceeding with a year subscription. I am writing this review under a different email address then the one I ordered with because I still have to keep working with tech support to try and get my money back. I will happily update this review if I am able to successfully get a refund. 1 2022-06-08T12:51:25.000Z 0de82c42-5c12-5805-a280-095cad8bdc7d 06/18/22
ClevGuard Jackie Very helpful and great customer service… Very helpful and great customer service even when the customers aren't so friendly they remained professional and that is a huge win for them.. thank you for your kindness and service!!! 5 2022-06-07T09:06:04.000Z 0de82c42-5c12-5805-a280-095cad8bdc7d 06/18/22
ClevGuard marian Definitelly recommend I would definitelly recommend ClevGuard's products. User experience, easy to use, great GUI and professional experienced support team makes it a great choice. 5 2022-06-07T07:47:04.000Z 0de82c42-5c12-5805-a280-095cad8bdc7d 06/18/22
ClevGuard customer Even got some troubles on scanning data… Even got some troubles on scanning data via Wi-Fi, but supports team are really useful and friendly, they alway reply me and give me recommendation in hours.Thanks to supports team I will consider to purchase more APP from your company 4 2022-06-06T12:29:33.000Z 0de82c42-5c12-5805-a280-095cad8bdc7d 06/18/22
ClevGuard customer Clevguard is awesome Clevguard is awesome! Able to keep track on so many stuffs of the target's device such as text messages, browser history and call logs. Just that the remote control screenshot taking tends to be a little slow at times. Best part is customer service is very friendly and prompt in their replies. Great experience! 5 2022-05-27T17:49:41.000Z 0de82c42-5c12-5805-a280-095cad8bdc7d 06/18/22
ClevGuard customer Coustomer service is really fast Coustomer service is really fast . They will help you fast in your concerns. I am totally happy .hatsoff to you...thanks. 5 2022-05-25T10:23:52.000Z 0de82c42-5c12-5805-a280-095cad8bdc7d 06/18/22