What is dataset customisation?

We have structured and accurate datasets for every use case. If you can’t find right dataset or datasets are not as per your needs. we’ll build a custom dataset for you.

Bulk requirements post at contact@crawlfeeds.com

Why dataset customisation required?

We have 250+ datasets in our market place and many of them are old data so prices and other information is not update to date with source.

What we can update in customisation?

We update data, adding or removing new data points and data format.

Will i get sample data for analysis?

Once you raise request for dataset customisation we will validate the requirments and will create a site setup invoice with small amount for each website. After the payment our development team will writing scripts and will send sample data for QA analysis.

How many days require to get complete data?

It's depends on records count and website complexisity. Ideally we take min 3 days for each website's site setup, urls extraction and data extraction for 50K records.

How can we download complete data?

You can download complete data from crawl feeds dashboard or google drive link. Download link will valid for next 30 days.

What is site setup fee?

Like a token amount before putting our developers time.

Is site setup fee is refundable?

Site setup fee is not refundable. We generate site setup invoice after the validating a requirements and it is for setting up a data scraper and sample data.

What is price for data customisation?

For existing datasets our team will update the site setup fee and complete dataset price. Discounts present in datasets not valid for dataset customisations.