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Ratings and reviews dataset from walmart

Walmart ratings and reviews dataset. Last extracted on 16 aug 2022

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url, name, sku, price, currency, avg_rating, reviews_count, review_title, reviewed_at, description, rating, author

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[ { "url": "", "name": "Los Altos Requesuave Bulk", "sku": "155309940", "price": 2.68, "currency": "USD", "avg_rating": 5, "reviews_count": 1, "review_title": "The Best", "reviewed_at": "December 17, 2012", "description": "Oh my gosh, this cake is absolutely to die for. I was at SAMs club and sampled this cake, I ended up purchasing one and sharing it with my friend and her family because it was so big . The cake was very moist and fresh, I absolutely loved it. I hope that my store still have more by the end of the week so that I may purchase another one for Christmas.", "rating": 5, "author": "MrsSiler" } ]