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Posted on: October 07, 2023

We create etsy dataset as per your needs. We includes data points like title, price, description, images, specifications and complete information on products page.

Etsy is global online marketplace and etsy data scraper helps you analyze the market and insights improves the business perfomance. We can extract data based on kewyords or from particular category from etsy.

What we can extract from etsy:

  1. Complete products information from individual products page
  2. Invidual data from specific category
  3. Product reviews
  4. We can download product images


Etsy pre crawled datasets present in crawl feeds platform.

  1. Products from shoes category
  2. Vinatge reatail data
  3. Jewellery data

Pre crawled datasets list

Reach out to us for custom data request. Submit your requirments at https://crawlfeeds.com/contacts/data-request

Find a right dataset that you are looking for from crawl feeds store.


Submit data request if not able to find right dataset.
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