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[ {"title": "Procurement - Technical Services", "walkin": false, "role": "Purchase/Vendor Development Manager", "view_count": 983, "job_type": "fulltime", "job_id": "060721500816", "vacany": 1, "url": "", "description": "<DIV> <P> <SPAN> <SPAN> <B> In This Role, You Will <SPAN> : </SPAN> </B> </SPAN> </SPAN> </P> <UL> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Participates in the development of procurement strategies for the technical services segments like Mechanical Services, Scaffolding, Electrical, Instrumentation Automation Services, Insulations, Inspection Services, Industrial cleaning, Safety Practices, and related categories required to support Turnaround projects. Analyzes segment data, work with vendors and supply market data to propose strategies that integrate complex, internal, technical requirements. </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> An active team member with responsibility for executing sourcing activities pertaining to running the business segment. Responsible for a detailed total cost of ownership analysis to support business decisions </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Negotiates and implements moderate-sized agreements, on a multi-site or national level. Utilizes comprehensive and systemic market analysis for the goods/services procured to drive the lowest total cost and maximum value to the company. Participates in major negotiations by providing supporting analysis to the category manager. </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Communicates regularly and effectively with the category manager who assumes the relationship with the stakeholders and vendors </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Works in collaboration with a category manager to execute strategic sourcing following the agreed processes and sourcing strategy methodology. Utilizes market analysis and complex contracting strategies adapted to the commodities. Assesses risks and develops models associated with supply and technical compliance. </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Ensures the creation of strategic purchasing plans driven by customer requirements, manufacturing results and capabilities, distribution and logistics objectives, and business economics. </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Maintains focus on added value, lowest total - life cycle- cost, and cost savings. Implements measurement systems to measure the performance level of the sourcing strategy and supplier effectiveness. Develops and composes bid specifications in such a manner that internal customer needs are addressed </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Develops analytical tools to analyze and optimize compliance to strategies </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Ensures high ethical and financial control compliance standards are met by the organization </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Promotes excellent working relationships with the category manager and other members of the team. </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> </UL> <P> <SPAN> <SPAN> <B> Preferred Qualifications </B> </SPAN> </SPAN> </P> <UL> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Bachelors degree required. Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, or Process Engineering would be a plus. </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Experience in working with EU suppliers </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> 5 years of procurement-related experience required. </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Masters degree preferred (or recognized equivalent). </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Petrochemical or refinery industry experience and knowledge related to purchasing and materials management are preferred. </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Knowledge of New technology /Digital Planning into procurement </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> Onsite/global exposure to countries- USA, Germany </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> <SPAN> The ideal candidate will have prior experience sourcing Technical Services / Maintenance. </SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> </LI> </UL> <P> </P> </DIV>", "industry": "IT-Software, Software Services", "company_name": "Aligned Automation", "skills": "Procurement | Market analysis | Technical services | Analytical | Strategic sourcing | Instrumentation | Refinery | Business solutions | Petrochemical | Logistics", "min_salary": 500000, "max_salary": 900000, "posted_at": "2021-07-06 20:42:38", "max_experience": 6, "min_experience": 4, "ug": "Any Graduate in Any Specialization, B.Sc in Chemistry", "pg": "Any Postgraduate in Any Specialization", "ppg": "", "locations": "Pune", "currency": "INR", "salary_label": "", "_id": "791b8dc5-e983-51e2-86f4-0e030e15b658", "crawled_at": "08/12/2021, 10:54:32"}, {"title": "Engineer \u2013 Information Security @ Kanjurmarg Mumbai", "walkin": false, "role": "Other", "view_count": 351, "job_type": "fulltime", "job_id": "020821000620", "vacany": 0, "url": "", "description": "<p><br/></p><p>We are looking for\u00a0 Engineer Information Security</p><p>Job Type: Permanent </p><p>Department: Quality & Information Security Management</p><p>Reporting To: </p><p>1st Level Reporting To: Principle Engineer, Quality & Information Security Management Dept.</p><p>2nd Level Reporting To: Department Head, Quality & Information Security Management Dept.</p><p><br/></p><p>Joining Date: Within 30 days</p><p>Education Qualification: B.E in Computers / Information Technology / Electronics & Telecommunication from recognized university / B.Sc. Information Technology from recognized University.</p><p>Qualification: </p><p>1) Knowledge of ISO 27001 and ISO 19011 Standards </p><p>2) Certified ISMS Internal Auditor / Lead Auditor from a recognized Certification Agency</p><p>Mandatory Experience / Skills: 8-10 Years </p><p>1) Implementing ISO 27001:2013 </p><p>2) Developing ISMS Policies / Procedures / Documents.</p><p>3) Conducting Information Security Risk Assessment</p><p>4) Planning, coordinating, conducting and reporting Information Security Audits</p><p>5) Facilitating Root Cause Analysis</p><p>6) Conducting Awareness / Training related to Information Security</p><p>7) Ability to identify and implement Best Security Practices.</p><p>8) Documentation</p><p>9) Excel / Advance Excel, PowerPoint.</p><p>10) Communication. Presentation , Interpersonal Skills, Time Management</p><p>Desirable Knowledge / skills: </p><p>1) Knowledge of Project Management and EPC processes </p><p>2) Certified Information System Auditor (CISA).</p><p>3) Knowledge of ISO 31000: 2018 and ISO 27005: 2018</p><p>4) Knowledge related to Information Systems (IS) & Information Technology (IT) Security.</p><p>5) Knowledge related to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Security. Knowledge of National (e.g. IT Act) / International Laws / Regulations (e.g. EUGDPR) / Standards (e.g. NIST) related to Information Security.</p><p>6) Knowledge of National (e.g. IT Act) / International Laws / Regulations (e.g. EUGDPR) / Standards (e.g. NIST) related to Information Security.</p><p>7) Conducting Information Security audits of IT Vendors.</p><p>8) Certified ISO 9001: 2015 Internal Auditor / Lead Auditor.</p><p>Job Location: Corporate Office, Kanjurmarg (East), Mumbai </p><p><br/></p><p>Key Roles & Responsibilities:<br/></p><p>1) Develop / Review / Update Information Security Policies and Procedures to comply with ISO 27001: 2013 requirements.</p><p>2) Review ISMS requirements defined in ITB / Contract. </p><p>3) Prepare / Review of ISMS Procedures / Documents based on Project requirements</p><p>4) Coordinate with Project Manager / Project Engineering Manager and ensure Implementation of Information Security requirements as per Contract</p><p>5) Identify applicable National / International Laws / Regulations related to Information Security and coordinate with Legal Dept. for its compliance.</p><p>6) Plan and conduct ISMS Awareness / Training Programs for Employees, Internal Auditors etc. at Corporate Office and Construction Sites.</p><p>7) Prepare ISMS Awareness emailers </p><p>8) Ensure Periodic review and updating of Risk Assessment Registers along with Risk Owners</p><p>9) Review of Events / Incidents reported and Coordinate with related Departments for close outs.</p><p>10) Prepare / Update Information Security Event / Weakness / Incident Register\u201d</p><p>11) Conduct Corporate Internal Audits at Corporate Office / Construction Sites and report findings.</p><p>12) Coordinate with Internal Auditors, Auditees for Audits, Audit Reports and Closure of Internal / External Audit Findings.</p><p>13) Ensure Root Cause Analysis by concerned auditee for determining corrective actions for the identified audit non-conformities.</p><p>14) Monitor the close out of audit findings. Verify effectiveness of actions taken.</p><p>15) Support Departments to Prepare for External Audit </p><p>16) Communicate internally regarding matters related to ISMS </p><p>17) Identify and implement Best Security Practices.</p><p>18) Suggest improvements in work process and activities</p><p><br/></p><p><br/></p><p><br/></p><br/>", "industry": "Construction, Engineering, Cement, Metals", "company_name": "TOYO ENGINEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED", "skills": "Information Security Management | ISMS | Cisa | Project Management | External Audit | ISO 27001 | Iso 31000 | Nist | System Audit | IT Security", "min_salary": 50000, "max_salary": 50000, "posted_at": "2021-08-02 10:12:35", "max_experience": 12, "min_experience": 8, "ug": "B.Tech/B.E. in Electronics/Telecommunication, Computers", "pg": "Any Postgraduate in Any Specialization", "ppg": "Any Doctorate in Any Specialization", "locations": "Mumbai", "currency": "INR", "salary_label": "", "_id": "ecb11477-0bdf-52ea-b4e3-be90eda116a5", "crawled_at": "08/12/2021, 10:54:33"} ]