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[ {"title": "Data Analyst", "walkin": false, "role": "Assistant Manager/Manager-(NonTechnical)", "view_count": 1968, "job_type": "fulltime", "job_id": "100321500595", "vacany": 1, "url": "", "description": "<DIV> <STRONG> Responsibilities </STRONG> </DIV> <UL> <LI> <SPAN> Verify data accuracy & integrity by completing logic checks against interview/survey data and final post-field checks. </LI> <LI> </SPAN> <SPAN> Create tabulation programs, data tables and other electronic outputs as required by analysis specifications to help meet research needs and expectations. </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> </SPAN> <SPAN> Review data, produce top line summary reports, and work with project teams to facilitate analytic outcomes. </SPAN> </LI> </UL> <P> <STRONG> Candidate Requirements </STRONG> </P> <UL> <LI> <SPAN> <SPAN> </SPAN> </SPAN> <SPAN> Knowledge in the following tools: SPSS, Python, R and Excel </LI> <LI> </SPAN> <SPAN> Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations. </LI> <LI> </SPAN> <SPAN> Strong written and verbal communication skills with technical writing skills. </SPAN> </LI> <LI> <SPAN> </SPAN> <SPAN> Understanding the data and open to learn the technologies </SPAN> </LI> </UL>", "industry": "KPO, Research, Analytics", "company_name": "Borderless Access", "skills": "Excel | Technical writing | Data Analyst | SPSS | Research | Analytics | Python", "min_salary": 400000, "max_salary": 800000, "posted_at": "2021-03-10 21:25:00", "max_experience": 4, "min_experience": 1, "ug": "Any Graduate in Any Specialization", "pg": "Post Graduation Not Required", "ppg": "", "locations": "Bengaluru", "currency": "INR", "salary_label": "", "_id": "a447de0f-cf77-5010-a618-7fcfc99331f7", "crawled_at": "08/13/2021, 18:03:57"}, {"title": "Staff Software Engineer", "walkin": false, "role": "Software Developer", "view_count": 51, "job_type": "fulltime", "job_id": "200521500234", "vacany": 1, "url": "", "description": "<DIV> <DIV> <UL> <LI> Bachelor s/Master s degree in computer science or related field from Tier1 college, with 5+ year of professional experience in UI Development </LI> <LI> Proficiency with one or more modern JavaScript front-end frameworks such as React, Angular (preferred) </LI> <LI> Proficiency in at least one back-end programming language, e.g. Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, C#, or Node.js </LI> <LI> Experience building RESTful Interface </LI> <LI> Strong written and verbal communication skills. </LI> <LI> Understand view layout and rendering technologies (e.g., responsiveness, progressive enhancement, browser/device support). Know when it is appropriate to make graceful fallbacks </LI> <LI> Understand the importance of testing front-end components and has experience with creating unit and integration tests related to the front-end components they develop </LI> <LI> Experience in communicating with users, other technical teams, and management to collect requirements, describe software product features, and technical designs </LI> <LI> Experience with Cloud Technology (AWS/Azure) is a plus </LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV>", "industry": "IT-Software, Software Services", "company_name": "Ivanti", "skills": "Computer science | UI development | Backend | Front end | Engineer Engineering | HP data protector | Javascript | PHP | Ruby | Python", "min_salary": 1700000, "max_salary": 2100000, "posted_at": "2021-05-20 19:44:41", "max_experience": 10, "min_experience": 5, "ug": "Any Graduate in Any Specialization", "pg": "Any Postgraduate in Any Specialization", "ppg": "", "locations": "Bengaluru", "currency": "INR", "salary_label": "", "_id": "9c09c1fd-ada4-5de5-b614-f9174d5f5521", "crawled_at": "08/13/2021, 18:03:57"}, {"title": "Analyst FP&A", "walkin": false, "role": "Financial Analyst", "view_count": 458, "job_type": "fulltime", "job_id": "010721500201", "vacany": 1, "url": "", "description": "<UL> <LI> Working with cross functional teams and helping the CXOs arrive at decision making based on financial analysis </LI> <LI> Building management dashboards and updating it on periodic basis to influence decisionmaking </LI> <LI> Creating strong control points to highlight key variances along with multi-dimensional reporting such as Project wise /Profit center wise metrics </LI> <LI> Help in preparing quarterly and annual budgets along with rolling forecast </LI> <LI> Continuously developing newer areas of analysis, automation and process improvements in the department </LI> <LI> Helping management in strategic planning and any adhoc reporting as per required by the management </LI> </UL> <P> <B> Requirements: </B> </P> <UL> <LI> High degree of proficiency with Excel, MS Access and PowerPoint </LI> <LI> CA/MBA in Finance with 4-6 years of relevant experience </LI> <LI> Knowledge of Company financial and accounting reporting systems </LI> <LI> Extensive database and statistical analysis experience </LI> <LI> Ability to prepare error free reports with minimal supervision </LI> <LI> Ability to think laterally and apply various check and balance on any given data sets </LI> <LI> Ability to convert complex financial analysis into easily understandable slides/summary </LI> <LI> Contributions to the Education industry desirable </LI> </UL> <P> <B> Skills and attributes: </B> </P> <UL> <LI> Analytical having an Eye for detail </LI> <LI> Good communication skills: Ability to co-ordinate work with people across departments and designations </LI> <LI> Possesses honesty, integrity, strong work ethic, and team skills </LI> <LI> Remains curious and is excited and open to new ideas and new ways of doing things </LI> <LI> Proven ability to meet deadlines in high-paced work environment <BR> </LI> </UL>", "industry": "Education, Teaching, Training", "company_name": "Lead School", "skills": "Automation | Statistical analysis | MS Access | Financial analysis | Accounting | Analytical | Strategic planning | Database | Management | Supervision", "min_salary": 900000, "max_salary": 1200000, "posted_at": "2021-07-01 20:27:51", "max_experience": 8, "min_experience": 4, "ug": "Any Graduate in Any Specialization", "pg": "CA in CA, MBA/PGDM in Marketing", "ppg": "", "locations": "Mumbai", "currency": "INR", "salary_label": "", "_id": "92d8f5c7-2584-5e9b-a74c-18cc36ebd905", "crawled_at": "08/13/2021, 18:03:57"} ]