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Movies and Tv shows dataset across all the OTT platforms like netflix, prime, hulu ... etc.

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link, name, description, released_at, genre, poster, streaming_on, country, number_of_seasons, type, content_rating, imdb_rating, cast_and_crew, uniq_id, scraped_at

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[ { "link": "", "name": "Memento Mori", "description": "The ghost of a lesbian high-school girl takes revenge on the people who used to bully her. And another young girl finds her old diary detailing her love and rejection when she was alive.Memento Mori featuring Park Ye-jin and Rie Young-zin is streaming with subscription on Kanopy. It's a drama and horror movie with an average IMDb audience rating of 6.3 (3,431 votes).", "released_at": "1999-12-24", "genre": "Drama, Horror", "poster": "", "streaming_on": "Kanopy", "country": "South Korea", "number_of_seasons": "", "type": "Movie", "content_rating": "18+ (R)", "imdb_rating": "6.3/10", "cast_and_crew": "[{'name': 'Kim Tae-yong', 'description': 'director'}, {'name': 'Min Kyu-dong', 'description': 'director'}, {'name': 'Park Ye-jin', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Rie Young-zin', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Kim Gyu-ri', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Gong Hyo-jin', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Kim Jae-in', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Baek Jong-hak', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Maeng Bong-Hak', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Jung Jin-Gak', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Han Min', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Chae Yoon-Seo', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Kim Kyeong-Jin', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Hye-mi Lee', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Shin Hye-Jung', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Seung-Yeon Han', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Lim Seong-eon', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Ku Hye-Ju', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Oh Min-ae', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Lee Choon-yeon', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Oh Ki-min', 'description': 'actor'}, {'name': 'Jung-Ok In', 'description': 'author'}, {'name': 'Kim Tae-yong', 'description': 'author'}, {'name': 'Min Kyu-dong', 'description': 'author'}]", "uniq_id": "8c30086d-bd47-5b7b-9614-8ca7ec05d6d4", "scraped_at": "02/07/2022 20:36:10"} ]