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PharmEasy is an Indian healthcare app and ecommerce platform for consumers involved in selling online medicines, diagnostics, telehealth, online doctor consultation services.  Crawl feeds team extracted data from the pharmeasy for data analysis and reasearch purposes.Last extracted on 4 Apr 2022

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Url, Name, Brand, Manufacturer, MRP, Measurement, unit, Composition, Expiry date, Use, Side effects, How to use, image_urls, images

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[ {"Url": "", "Name": "Glibocer M 0.2mg Tab", "Brand": null, "Manufacturer": "RETRA LIFE SCIENCE PVT LTD", "MRP": "60.00", "Measurement unit": "10 Tablet(s) in Strip", "Composition": "Metformin, Voglibose", "Expiry date": "03/07/2022", "Use": "", "Side effects": "", "How to use": "", "image_urls": "", "images": []}, {"Url": "", "Name": "Anamol 125mg Suppos", "Brand": "ANAMOL", "Manufacturer": "TRIKO PHARMACEUTICALS", "MRP": null, "Measurement unit": "5 Rectal Suppository(s) in Strip", "Composition": "Paracetamol / Acetaminophen(125.0 Mg)", "Expiry date": "03/07/2022", "Use": "", "Side effects": "", "How to use": "", "image_urls": "", "images": []}, {"Url": "", "Name": "Dolcin 1.5mg Tab", "Brand": null, "Manufacturer": "CINEREA BIOTECH PVT LTD", "MRP": null, "Measurement unit": "10 Tablet(s) in Strip", "Composition": "Haloperidol(1.5 Mg)", "Expiry date": "03/07/2022", "Use": "", "Side effects": "", "How to use": "", "image_urls": "", "images": []}, {"Url": "", "Name": "Olnim Md 100mg Tab", "Brand": "OLNIM MD", "Manufacturer": "OLCARE LABORATORIES PVT LTD", "MRP": "23.00", "Measurement unit": "10 Tablet(s) in Strip", "Composition": "Nimesulide(100.0 Mg)", "Expiry date": "03/07/2022", "Use": "It relieves pain and swelling in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.To relieve post-operative pain, the pain of trauma or injury and due to dental procedures.To reduce fever and relieve pain associated with ear, nose and throat.", "Side effects": "Dizziness, Nausea , Vomiting, Stomach pain, Acidity, Rashes on skin", "How to use": "The medicine is to be taken as advised by the doctor., Take the medicine with a glass of water., Take the medicine at a fixed time every day for optimal results.", "image_urls": "", "images": []}, {"Url": "", "Name": "Coraz 250 Strip Of 6 Tablets", "Brand": "CORAZ", "Manufacturer": "MAXAMUS INTERNATIONAL", "MRP": "71.30", "Measurement unit": "6 Tablet(s) in Strip", "Composition": "Azithromycin(250.0 Mg)", "Expiry date": "03/07/2022", "Use": "", "Side effects": "", "How to use": "", "image_urls": "", "images": []}, {"Url": "", "Name": "Kulgut D Capsule", "Brand": "KULGUT D", "Manufacturer": "NOVARTIS INDIA LTD", "MRP": "7.81", "Measurement unit": "10 Capsule(s) in Strip", "Composition": "Omeprazole(20.0 Mg), Domperidone(10.0 Mg)", "Expiry date": "02/07/2022", "Use": "It is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal reflux disease, not responding to Omeprazole. This condition leads to acid regurgitating from the stomach into the food pipe, causing heartburn, chest discomfort, acidity, etc....Read more", "Side effects": "Dizziness, Headache, Dry mouth, Loose stool, Stomach pain, Lack of sleep, Rashes, Giddiness, Skin rash", "How to use": "", "image_urls": "", "images": []}, {"Url": "", "Name": "Grow Fe Syp 200ml", "Brand": "GROW FE", "Manufacturer": "GLOBUS REMEDIES LIMITED", "MRP": null, "Measurement unit": "200ml Syrup in Bottle", "Composition": "Ammonium, Cyanocobalamin, Folic Acid, Iron", "Expiry date": "02/07/2022", "Use": "", "Side effects": "", "How to use": "", "image_urls": "", "images": []}, {"Url": "", "Name": "Ferrodona Tonic Syp (Adel 79)", "Brand": null, "Manufacturer": "ADELMAR PHARMA", "MRP": "475.00", "Measurement unit": "250ml Syrup in Bottle", "Composition": "Homeopathic", "Expiry date": "03/07/2022", "Use": "", "Side effects": "", "How to use": "", "image_urls": "", "images": []} ]