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[ {"name": "Zadonase Strip Of 10 Tablets", "manufacturer": "ALKEM LABORATORIES LTD", "url": "", "info": "10 Tablet(s) in Strip", "images": " ~", "price": "\u20b9159.8*", "description": "Zadonase Strip Of 10 Tablets is a combination of two medicines - Montelukast and Fexofenadine which is an anti-allergic medicine. It is used to relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as runny & st"}, {"name": "Zavamet 50/500mg Tablet 10's", "manufacturer": "INTAS PHARMACEUTICALS LTD", "url": "", "info": "10 Tablet(s) in Strip", "images": " ~", "price": "\u20b979.05*", "description": ""}, {"name": "Ze Q Strip Of 10 Capsules", "manufacturer": "ERA PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD", "url": "", "info": "10 Capsule(s) in Strip", "images": " ~", "price": "\u20b9532.1*", "description": ""}, {"name": "Zecal Fem Tablet", "manufacturer": "INDCHEMIE HEALTH SPECIALITIES PVT LTD", "url": "", "info": "10 Tablet(s) in Strip", "images": "", "price": "\u20b9351.9*", "description": ""}, {"name": "Zedfit Trusil Lemon Flav Granules 150gm", "manufacturer": "TABLETS INDIA LTD", "url": "", "info": "150g Granule in Jar", "images": "", "price": "\u20b9550.4*", "description": ""} ]