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John Lewis Hammered Edge Stainless Steel Round Tray, 35cm, Silver https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-hammered-edge-stainless-steel-round-tray-35cm-silver/p4027082 238030502 4027082 238030502 John Lewis 18.00 GBP InStock <p>Serve drinks and snacks in style with this stainless steel tray finished with a bevelled hammered metal edge. It's durable and easy to wipe clean or run in the dishwasher.</p> [] Home & Garden Tableware Home & Garden | Tableware | Serveware 21 4.8 d5aa8c3a-d1a2-5ad9-b5cb-7eccee1f9375 03/03/24
John Lewis ANYDAY Mimi Lampshade, Dia.35cm, Cream https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-anyday-mimi-lampshade-dia-35cm/p2619117 234757267 2619117 234757267 John Lewis ANYDAY Cream 10.00 GBP OutOfStock <p>Made from a high-quality cotton and polyester blend, this excellent value lampshade will enhance a soft glow of light. It's suitable for lamp bases and ceiling fittings and it's a great option if you want to give your light a quick glow-up.</p> <p>With great prices and great design, our new brand offers style and quality for modern living today. Whatever you need, there’s joy to be found in <a href="https://www.johnlewis.com/brand/john-lewis-anyday/_/N-o4yo">ANYDAY</a>.</p> [] Furniture & Lights Shop Lighting Furniture & Lights | Shop Lighting | Ceiling & Lamp Shades 26 4.6 b42fc8a9-e8e8-58e4-8879-57a67adba0f3 03/03/24
Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, Pack of 2, Party Pink https://www.johnlewis.com/cricut-infusible-ink-transfer-sheets-pack-of-2/party-pink/p4921676 239760941 4921676 239760941 Cricut Party Pink 11.19 GBP InStock <p>Get creative and personalise clothes and accessories with these bold transfer sheets from Cricut.</p><p>In a handy pack of two, these infusible ink transfer sheets will help you to create personalised transfers on T-Shirts, accessories and more. In a wide variety of patterns, these ready-to-cut sheets can be used with your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore cutting machine to personalise any compatible infusible ink blank with a name, logo or design. These pre-inked sheets bloom into rich, vivid hues once transferred using high temperatures. Combine with solid colors or mix and match with designs drawn using infusible ink pens and markers.</p><p>Please note: sheets are light sensitive and will be damaged by contact with any liquid. Store in a dark, dry place.</p> [] Sport & Leisure Crafts Sport & Leisure | Crafts | Craft Accessories 104 4.5 fb56da84-c71a-59b1-b06e-f42071473b1c 03/03/24
Där Alvaro Diffuser Ceiling Light, Small, Warm Grey/Antique Brass https://www.johnlewis.com/dar-alvaro-diffuser-ceiling-light-small/warm-grey-antique-brass/p5738121 240299828 5738121 240299828 Där Warm Grey/Antique Brass 156.00 GBP OutOfStock <p>Sleek, slender and carefully designed to reduce glare, this ceiling light has a frosted diffuser at the top and bottom of the shade. Not only does it soften the glow and radiate a warm and even wash of light, it also keeps dust out and makes this a great choice for hanging low over a table or high in a bedroom. The lampshade is made from tightly pleated cotton in a selection of colours and it's accented with metal detail in an antique or polished finish. Plus, it's suspended from a height-adjustable cable, requires three LED bulbs and it's also available in a larger size.</p> [] Furniture & Lights Shop Lighting Furniture & Lights | Shop Lighting | Ceiling Lighting 2 5 ff7e16bc-a04a-54cc-af86-d7ee5b6e9963 03/03/24
John Lewis Theale Upholstered Headboard, Double, Cotton Effect Grey https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-theale-upholstered-headboard-double/cotton-effect-grey/p3895315 238880390 3895315 238880390 John Lewis Cotton Effect Grey 119.00 GBP InStock <p>Made in the UK, our <b>Theale</b> headboard has a simple design with curved edges and a seam detail across the top. It's a modern and well-padded attachment for your upholstered divan base and the sturdy wooden slats allow you to fit it easily at your desired height.</p> <p><b>Choose from one of our fabrics:</b><br /> </p><p>Our <b>Band A fabric, Canvas</b> is a durable fabric with a textured feel and it's ideal for styling with bold colours and darker shades</p> <p>Our <b>Band A fabric, Cotton Effect</b> is woven to create a linen-effect feel</p> <p><b>Want to see it first?</b><br /> You may want to see and get a feel for the furniture before ordering. Pop into one of our shops to see the full range of colours and fabrics on offer. If you do plan on doing this, we recommend giving us a call on 03452 661805 as not all our ranges are on display in our shops. We'll be able to tell you where the range you'd like to view is on display.</p> [] Furniture & Lights Bedroom Furniture & Lights | Bedroom | Headboards 102 4.9 410d3086-a4a8-59b8-940d-6cd4fda77591 03/03/24
Osborne & Little Orchard Wallpaper, Sky W7686-03 https://www.johnlewis.com/osborne-little-orchard-wallpaper/sky-w7686-03/p6228659 241161326 6228659 241161326 Osborne & Little Sky W7686-03 268.00 GBP InStock <p>A medley of fruits - pomegranates, figs, redcurrants, plums, breadfruits, melons and sweet pea pods - are arranged in a colourful trailing design.</p> [] Home & Garden Decorative Accessories Home & Garden | Decorative Accessories | Wallpaper c14412c9-d984-564a-8d6f-ef0b40d75f89 03/03/24
EAST END PRINTS Luxe Poster Co. 'Retro Waves' Framed Print, White Frame, 33.4 x 28.4cm https://www.johnlewis.com/east-end-prints-luxe-poster-co-retro-waves-framed-print/white-frame/p6373667 109465580 6373667 109465580 EAST END PRINTS White Frame 50.00 GBP InStock <p>Give your room a retro feel with this simple graphic print by Luxe Poster Co. Hang it in a bedroom for a chic minimalist touch.</p> <p>The giclée art printing process and 210gsm acid-free archival paper create an exhibition-quality art print with long-lasting colours that more closely resemble the artist's materials and tones. A digital form of the original work is stored and then printed using a commercial printer and pigment-based inks. The print is presented with an acrylic glaze that's optically the same as glass yet lighter in weight making it easier and safer to hang. Ready to hang on your wall, it's framed in obeche wood in a choice of finishes.</p> <p>Have you thought about wall <a href="/browse/home-garden/photo-frames-accessories/hanging-hooks-racks/_/N-7kwsZ1z0pdrm">hooks and fittings</a>?</p><p>EAST END PRINTS picture frames are usually one of two frame widths: medium frame (2.2cm) and wide frame (3.5cm). The frame width varies across the range.</p> <p>The medium frame measures 2.2cm across and comes in the following four sizes: <li>33.4 x 28.4cm</li> <li>43.4 x 33.4cm</li> <li>53.4 x 43.4cm</li> <li>83.4 x 63.4cm</li></p> <p>The wide frame measures 3.5cm across and comes in the following four sizes: <li>36 x 31cm</li> <li>46 x 36cm</li> <li>56 x 46cm</li> <li>86 x 66cm</li></p> [] Home & Garden Pictures Home & Garden | Pictures 175926dc-0ab8-5cb2-86d6-21fadf60de4b 03/03/24
Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner with AI Object Recognition, Misty White https://www.johnlewis.com/samsung-jet-bot-ai-robot-vacuum-cleaner-misty-white/p109516098 109379666 109516098 109379666 Samsung 991.00 GBP InStock <p>Clean your home intelligently and safely using Samsung's AI powered Jetbot.</p> <p>Its Object Recognition technology identifies and classifies different objects to determine the optimal path around them and the 3D Sensor precisely scans the space to detect possible obstructions. The LiDAR Sensor accurately tracks the Jetbot’s location to help it move efficiently and increase the ground coverage, ensuring you clean more of your home*. Finally, the Clean Station™ offers a hygienic way of automatically emptying the dustbin.</p> <p>*Scans 360° over an area of 6 meters at 10 rotations per second. Based on internal testing vs. a conventional Samsung VR7000M. </p> [] Electricals Vacuum Cleaners Electricals | Vacuum Cleaners | Vacuum Cleaners 4 4.5 48764b4d-9e8b-54c9-86ec-54e09cd63cfe 03/03/24
Harlequin Mansa Wallpaper, HTWW112109 https://www.johnlewis.com/harlequin-mansa-wallpaper/htww112109/p4103188 238096223 4103188 238096223 Harlequin HTWW112109 95.00 GBP InStock <p>A neat basket weave look. Metallic highlights bring subtle glamour to this textural design.</p> [] Home & Garden Decorative Accessories Home & Garden | Decorative Accessories | Wallpaper 1 5 1fe2e61d-dc73-5279-a5db-63cf05ffa19c 03/03/24
Stackers Glass Ombre Box, Dark Grey https://www.johnlewis.com/stackers-glass-ombre-box/dark-grey/p3515210 237480351 3515210 237480351 Stackers Dark Grey 35.00 GBP InStock <p>This Ombre style box from Stackers is the ideal way to keep on top of your ever expanding jewellery collection.</p> <p>Stackers are designed the same size, so you can mix and match the colours and compartments you need.</p> <p>This lidded box is ideal on its own and has room for rings, earrings and necklaces.</p> [] Home & Garden Decorative Accessories Home & Garden | Decorative Accessories | Jewellery Boxes & Rolls 17 4.6 3a17e94e-630d-5ab4-9e1d-08353f2bf76d 03/03/24