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Product URL Product Title Product Price Currency Product Shipping Weight Product Dimensions Product Availability Product Breadcrumbs Product Brand Product Category 1 Product Category 2 Product Category 3 Product Category 4 Product Category 5 Product Category 6 Product Category 7 Product Category 8 Product Images Product Formatted specs UPC Code Product Raw Formatted Description Product Raw Formatted Ingredients Product Raw Suggested use Product Raw Supplement Facts Category 1 and its sub categories Category 2 and its sub categories
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/aloha-bay-chakra-energy-candle-money-cassia-clove-nutmeg-11-oz/38773 Aloha Bay, Chakra Energy Candle, Money, Cassia • Clove • Nutmeg, 11 oz 13.21 GBP 0.59 kg 15.7 x 8.1 x 7.6 cm instock Brands A-Z/Aloha Bay/Categories/Home/Home Fragrance/Candles Aloha Bay Home Home Fragrance Candles https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/alh/alh26107/s/13.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/alh/alh26107/s/17.jpg Date First Available: September 2011 ~ Shipping Weight: 0.59 kg ~ Product Code: ALH-26107 ~ UPC Code: 760860261071 ~ Package Quantity: 11 oz ~ Dimensions: 15.7 x 8.1 x 7.6 cm , 0.59 kg 760860261071 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li>Muladhara - Base of Spine</li><li>100% Pure Essential Oil</li></ul><p>When you are trying to make things happen in the material world, in relation to business or material possessions, the energy to succeed will come from this chakra.</p></div> <div class="row item-row"> <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3> <strong>Suggested use</strong> </h3> <div class="prodOverviewDetail"> <p><strong>Empowerment Candle:</strong></p><p>Choose a peaceful space, set aside for prayer and meditation. If you have a sacred image, you can present the unlit candle as an offering. Breathe, fully and deeply. Feel the infinite blessing power of the Divine. Picture the changes you are contemplating with great faith, love, and affirmation. Light the candle. Sit quietly for a while, holding the image of accomplished change, then release it all to the Divine.</p> </div> </div> </div> Home/Home Fragrance/Candles
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/iwi-prenatal-omega-3-complete-multivitamin-60-softgels/108067 iWi, Prenatal Omega-3 + Complete Multivitamin, 60 Softgels 23.68 GBP 0.11 kg 12.4 x 6.1 x 5.6 cm instock Brands A-Z/iWi/Categories/Supplements/Women's Health/Prenatal Multivitamins iWi Supplements Women's Health Prenatal Multivitamins https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/iwi/iwi02039/s/13.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/iwi/iwi02039/s/26.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/iwi/iwi02039/s/18.jpg Best By: May 2024 ~ Date First Available: July 2021 ~ Shipping Weight: 0.11 kg ~ Product Code: IWI-02039 ~ UPC Code: 818353020398 ~ Package Quantity: 60 Count ~ Dimensions: 12.4 x 6.1 x 5.6 cm , 0.11 kg 818353020398 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li>50% More Absorption </li><li>Sustainably Sourced </li><li>Plant-Based</li><li>Made From Algae </li><li>Brain  | Heart | Immunity | Bones </li><li>Dietary Supplement </li><li>Non GMO - Certified by NSF</li><li>Vegan</li><li>Gluten Free</li></ul><p><strong>Good For Every Living Thing </strong></p><p>The nutrition that supports better living is also good for the health of the ocean and our environment. </p><p><strong>Better Living Begins Within</strong></p><p>Your baby´s health begins with a tiny, natural wonder: algae. Almega®PL, our proprietary form of algae Omega-3, offers many benefits and has 50% better absorption than fish or krill oil. This prenatal supplement contains DHA, a key nutrient for the growth of your baby´s eyes and brain. For even more support, we added methyl folate and Vitamin D3 for baby´s cognitive an bone development plus iron and K2 for your health during pregnancy. By harnessing the power of iwi, you´ll get better nutrition for you and your baby. Nourish what´s inside, because better living begins within. </p></div> <div class="prodOverviewIngred"><p>Softgel shell: (non-GMO modified cornstarch, glycerin, seaweed extract, purified water); excipients: sunflower seed oil, candelilla wax, olive oil.</p><p><strong>Contains no</strong>: Sugar, gelatin, nuts, wheat, yeast, pollen, dairy, hidden additives or artificial flavors or colors.</p></div> <div class="row item-row"> <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3> <strong>Suggested use</strong> </h3> <div class="prodOverviewDetail"> <p>Tale 2 softgels daily. </p> </div> </div> </div> <table border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Supplement Facts</strong></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Serving Size:</strong> 2 Softgels</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Servings Per Container:</strong> 30</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td width="70%"> <strong>Amount Per Serving</strong></td><td width="15%"><strong>%Daily Value for Pregnant or Lactating Women</strong></td><td width="15%"><strong>% Daily Value</strong></td></tr><tr><td>Calories </td><td>10</td><td><br/></td></tr><tr><td>Total Fat </td><td>1 g </td><td>1%*</td></tr><tr><td>Cholesterol</td><td>4 mg </td><td>1%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)</td><td>1000 mcg RAE </td><td class="">77%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)</td><td>100 mg </td><td>83%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)</td><td>25 mcg </td><td>167%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol)</td><td>20 mg </td><td>105%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7)</td><td>50 mcg </td><td>56%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Thiamin (Thiamine Mononitrate)(Vitamin B1)</td><td>2 mg </td><td>143%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)</td><td>2 mg</td><td>125%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Niacin (Niacinamide)(Vitamin B3)</td><td>5 mg </td><td>28%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal 5' Phosphate)</td><td>3 mg </td><td>150%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td class="">Folate (Calcium L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate)</td><td>1333 mcg DFE (800 mcg folic acid)</td><td>133%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td class="fr-cell-fixed fr-selected-cell">Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)</td><td class="fr-selected-cell">20 mcg </td><td class="fr-selected-cell">714%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td class="fr-selected-cell">Biotin</td><td class="fr-selected-cell">200 mcg </td><td class="fr-cell-handler fr-selected-cell">571%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Phosphatidylcholine </td><td>20 mg </td><td>4%</td></tr><tr><td>Calcium (Calcium Citrate)</td><td>50 mg </td><td>4%</td></tr><tr><td>Iron (Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate)</td><td>20 mg </td><td>74%</td></tr><tr><td>Iodine (Kelp Powder)</td><td>100 mcg </td><td>34%</td></tr><tr><td>Magnesium (Magnesium Citrate)</td><td>10 mg </td><td>3%</td></tr><tr><td>Zinc (Zinc Oxide)</td><td>10 mg </td><td>77%</td></tr><tr><td>Selenium (Sodium Selenite)</td><td>50 mcg </td><td>71%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Copper (Copper Bisglycinate Chelate)</td><td>.5 mg </td><td>38%</td></tr><tr><td>Algae Oil</td><td>580 mg </td><td><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr><td>Total Omega Fatty Acids </td><td>239 mg </td><td><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr><td>Omega 3 Fatty Acids </td><td>225 mg </td><td><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)</td><td>25 mg </td><td><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)</td><td>200 mg </td><td><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Omega 6 Fatty Acids </td><td>4 mg </td><td class=""><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td class="">Omega 7 Fatty Acids </td><td>7 mg </td><td><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Omega 9 Fatty Acids </td><td>2 mg </td><td><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Polar Lipids </td><td>12 mg </td><td><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Chlorophyll</td><td>1 mg </td><td><span>†</span><br/></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td colspan="3">*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. <br/><span>†</span>Daily Value not established.</td></tr></tbody></table> Supplements/Women's Health/Prenatal Multivitamins
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/blue-diamond-almond-nut-thins-rice-cracker-snacks-with-almonds-original-4-25-oz-120-5-g/32067 Blue Diamond, Almond Nut-Thins, Rice Cracker Snacks with Almonds, Original, 4.25 oz (120.5 g) 5.16 GBP 0.29 kg 14 x 5.7 x 18.1 cm out of stock Brands A-Z/Blue Diamond/Categories/Grocery/Snacks/Crackers Blue Diamond Grocery Snacks Crackers https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/dia/dia04426/s/12.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/dia/dia04426/s/19.jpg Date First Available: April 2011 ~ Shipping Weight: 0.29 kg ~ Product Code: DIA-04426 ~ UPC Code: 041570044261 ~ Package Quantity: 4.25 oz ~ Dimensions: 14 x 5.7 x 18.1 cm , 0.16 kg 041570044261 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li>Certified Gluten-Free</li><li>Made With Real Almonds</li><li>Non GMO Project Verified</li><li>Kosher Dairy</li><li>Enjoy All the Good of Original Almond</li><li>19 Crackers Per Serving</li><li>No Wheat or Gluten</li><li>No Artifical Flavors</li></ul><p><strong>Handfuls of fantastic, flavorful crunching you can feel good about</strong></p><p>We love our almonds so much we baked them into crispy crackers with irresistible flavors. Dig in, dip them, pass them around. It's the ultimate snack with the one and only nutty crunch. Crunch on!!</p></div> <div class="prodOverviewIngred"><p>Rice flour, almonds, potato starch, sea salt, safflower oil, natural flavors (contains milk).</p><p>Contains: Milk, almonds.</p></div> <table border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td class="" colspan="3"><strong>Supplement Facts</strong></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Serving Size:</strong> 19 crackers (30 g)</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Servings Per Container:</strong> About 4</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_561" valign="top"><td width="70%"> </td><td width="15%"><strong>Amount Per Serving</strong></td><td width="15%"><strong>% Daily Value*</strong></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_562" valign="top"><td>Calories</td><td>130</td><td> </td></tr><tr data-id="froala_563" valign="top"><td>Total Fat</td><td>2.5 g</td><td>3%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_564" valign="top"><td>Saturated Fat</td><td>0 g</td><td>0%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_565" valign="top"><td>Trans Fat</td><td>0 g</td><td> </td></tr><tr data-id="froala_566" valign="top"><td>Cholesterol</td><td>0 mg</td><td>0%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_567" valign="top"><td>Sodium</td><td>115 mg</td><td>5%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_568" valign="top"><td>Total Carbohydrate</td><td>24 g</td><td>9%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_569" valign="top"><td>Dietary Fiber</td><td>1 g</td><td>4%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_570" valign="top"><td>Total Sugars</td><td>0 g</td><td> </td></tr><tr data-id="froala_571"><td>Includes 0 g Added Sugars</td><td><br/></td><td>0%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_572" valign="top"><td>Protein</td><td>3 g</td><td class=""> </td></tr><tr data-id="froala_573" valign="top"><td class="">Vitamin D</td><td>0 mcg</td><td>0%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_574" valign="top"><td>Calcium</td><td>16 mg</td><td>2%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_575" valign="top"><td>Iron</td><td>0 mg</td><td>0%</td></tr><tr data-id="froala_576"><td>Potassium</td><td>52 mg</td><td>2%</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td colspan="3">*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.</td></tr></tbody></table> Grocery/Snacks/Crackers
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/cantu-care-for-kids-curl-refresher-8-fl-oz-236-ml/109213 Cantu, Care For Kids, Curl Refresher, 8 fl oz (236 ml) 6.92 GBP 0.29 kg 20.3 x 5 x 4.8 cm instock Brands A-Z/Cantu/Categories/Baby & Kids/Baby & Kids Bath, Skin, Hair/Categories/Bath & Personal Care/Hair Care/Hair Styling/Hair Spray Cantu Baby & Kids Baby & Kids Bath, Skin, Hair Bath & Personal Care Hair Care Hair Styling Hair Spray https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/ctu/ctu01876/s/12.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/ctu/ctu01876/s/16.jpg Best By: January 2026 ~ Date First Available: September 2021 ~ Shipping Weight: 0.29 kg ~ Product Code: CTU-01876 ~ UPC Code: 817513018763 ~ Package Quantity: 8 fl oz ~ Dimensions: 20.3 x 5 x 4.8 cm , 0.29 kg 817513018763 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li>Style Extender to Refresh &amp; Define Curls Without Buildup</li><li>Gentle Care for Textured Hair</li><li>With Shea Butter, Coconut Oil &amp; Honey</li></ul><p>Cantu Care for Kids is the perfect blend of pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey. Nurture and nourish fragile coils, curls and waves with Cantu´s gentle care for textured hair.</p></div> <div class="prodOverviewIngred"><p>Water, glycerin, polysorbate 20, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, sodium chloride, hydroxyethylcellulose, citric acid, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, honey, cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil.</p><p>No mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, paraffin or propylene glycol.</p></div> <div class="row item-row"> <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3> <strong>Suggested use</strong> </h3> <div class="prodOverviewDetail"> <p>Spritz onto dry or damp hair section by section and comb through to moisturize, redefine and revitalize curls, coils and waves.</p><p><strong>Styling tip:</strong> Works best with Cantu Care for Kids Curling Cream.</p> </div> </div> </div> Baby & Kids/Baby & Kids Bath, Skin, Hair Bath & Personal Care/Hair Care/Hair Styling/Hair Spray
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/numbuzin-miracle-trouble-care-double-kit-no-2-1-kit/116647 Numbuzin, Miracle Trouble Care Double Kit, No. 2, 1 Kit 15.80 GBP 0.08 kg 14.7 x 8.9 x 2.9 cm instock Brands A-Z/Numbuzin/Categories/Beauty/Beauty Face Masks & Peels/Sheet Masks/Categories/Beauty/Beauty Face Masks & Peels/K-Beauty Sheet Masks Numbuzin Beauty Beauty Face Masks & Peels Sheet Masks Beauty Beauty Face Masks & Peels K-Beauty Sheet Masks https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/nzn/nzn58053/s/9.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/nzn/nzn58053/s/10.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/nzn/nzn58053/s/12.jpg Best By: August 2024 ~ Date First Available: May 2023 ~ Shipping Weight: 0.08 kg ~ Product Code: NZN-58053 ~ UPC Code: 8809652580531 ~ Package Quantity: 15 Count ~ Dimensions: 14.7 x 8.9 x 2.9 cm , 0.05 kg 8809652580531 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li>Spot Ampoule + Patch</li><li>Dermatologically Tested</li><li>A Kit That is Especially Designed for Oily Skin and Acne Prone Skin Type</li><li>Contains Extracts of Witch Hazel Peel, Leafs and Twigs for Soothing Effect</li><li>It Helps Reduce Sebum Secretion, Redness and Discomfort Aroused</li></ul><p><strong>Contains:</strong></p><ul><li>Spot Ampoule 0.67 fl oz (20 ml)</li><li>Spot Patch 15 Packs, 2 Each</li></ul></div> <div class="prodOverviewIngred"><p><strong>[Spot Ampoule] </strong>Water, sodium lactate, 1,2-hexanediol, gluconolactone, niacinamide, methylpropanediol, laminaria japonica extract, eclipta prostrata leaf extract, vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract, saccharum officinarum (sugarcane) extract, citrus limon (lemon) fruit extract, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) fruit extract, acer saccharum (sugar maple) extract, melia azadirachta leaf extract, melia azadirachta flower extract, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) bark/leaf/twig extract, cryptomeria japonica leaf extract, nelumbo nucifera leaf extract, hydrogenated lecithin, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, glycerin, sorbitan isostearate, diphenyl dimethicone, phytosqualane, polyglyceryl-3 methylglucose distearate, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, glycolic acid, sodium salicylate, triethylhexanoin, butylene glycol, citric acid, polyglyceryl-10 oleate, fructooligosaccharides, lactic acid, methyl diisopropyl propionamide, salicylic acid, adenosine, menthol, beta-glucan, disodium edta, t-butyl alcohol, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, saccharomyces ferment filtrate, polysorbate 60, ethylhexylglycerin, limonene.</p><p><strong>[Spot Patch]</strong> Styrene/isoprene copolymer, hydrogenated poly(c6-20 olefin), cellulose gum, mineral oil, paraffin, cetraria islandica extract, salicylic acid, poloxamer 407.</p></div> <div class="row item-row"> <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3> <strong>Suggested use</strong> </h3> <div class="prodOverviewDetail"> <p>Step 1: Apply an appropriate amount evenly on the new spot. It is better if you apply it twice a day (morning and evening) after cleansing and at the first step of basic skincare.</p><p>Step: 2: Bevelled-type patch with increased adhesion. Clean the troubled skin spot, and attach it to the skin.</p> </div> </div> </div> Beauty/Beauty Face Masks & Peels/Sheet Masks Beauty/Beauty Face Masks & Peels/K-Beauty Sheet Masks
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/california-gold-nutrition-lactobif-65-probiotics-65-billion-cfu-30-veggie-capsules/103277 California Gold Nutrition, LactoBif 65 Probiotics, 65 Billion CFU, 30 Veggie Capsules 24.57 GBP 0.07 kg 14 x 8.4 x 3 cm out of stock Brands A-Z/California Gold Nutrition/Categories/Supplements/Digestive Support/Probiotics California Gold Nutrition Supplements Digestive Support Probiotics https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/cgn/cgn01904/s/36.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/cgn/cgn01904/s/37.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/cgn/cgn01904/s/24.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/cgn/cgn01904/s/25.jpg 898220019045 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li><em>California Gold Nutrition</em> <strong>LactoBif® 65 Probiotics</strong></li><li>Featuring 20 Active Probiotic Strains, Including 15 Lactic Acid Bacteria and 5 <em>Bifidobacteria</em></li><li>With 65 Billion CFU Per Capsule</li><li>Supports Digestive and Gut Health*</li><li>Promotes Immune System Health*</li><li>Suitable for Vegetarians</li><li>Individually Double-Foil Blister Sealed </li><li>Formulated without Dairy, Gluten, GMOs, or Soy </li><li>Produced in a 3rd Party Audited cGMP Registered (Certified) Facility </li><li>100% Gold Guarantee</li></ul><p><br/></p><p>Your body is full of helpful bacteria that support important functions, but your natural microbiome can become unbalanced, often resulting in unpleasant digestive issues. <em>California Gold Nutrition</em> <strong>LactoBif® 65 Probiotics</strong> can help keep your gut balanced by introducing more good bacteria into your system, which can help promote digestive and immune health and potentially relieve common digestive symptoms.*</p><p><em>Benefits of Taking Probiotics</em><br/>This proprietary bacteria blend is packed with several beneficial probiotic strains. Our formula includes <em>Lactobacillus acidophilus</em>, one of the best-known probiotics. This strain has antimicrobial and antiviral properties, which may help to support the immune system and prevent illness.* In addition, we’ve included another well-known strain, <em>Bifidobacterium longum</em>, which can help promote gut health through the production of lactic and acetic acid.* Our unique blend is designed to help promote digestive health and may help calm common digestive concerns, like upset stomach, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating.</p><p><em>California Gold Nutrition</em> <strong>Lactobif® 65 Probiotics</strong> contain 20 active probiotic strains, including 15 Lactic Acid Bacteria and 5 <em>Bifidobacteria</em>. Each veggie capsule contains 65 billion CFU to deliver an effective number of good bacteria to the body.</p><p><br/></p><p><strong>iHerb Blog</strong></p><p><a href="https://www.iherb.com/blog/probiotics-benefits/158" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><strong>Probiotic Benefits</strong></a></p><p><strong><a href="https://www.iherb.com/blog/probiotics-and-the-human-microbiome/190" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Probiotics and the Human Microbiome</a></strong></p><p><strong><a href="https://www.iherb.com/blog/the-best-probiotic-supplement-for-you/895" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Choosing the Best Probiotic Supplement for You</a></strong></p><p><strong><br/></strong></p><p><a href="https://s3.images-iherb.com/cms/CGN-01904.pdf" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><strong>iTested Verified</strong></a></p></div> <div class="prodOverviewIngred"><p><strong>Main Ingredients<br/></strong>Probiotic Bacteria Blend</p><p><strong>Other Ingredients<br/></strong>Potato Starch, Modified Cellulose (Hypromellose Veggie Capsule), Fructooligosaccharide (Inulin), L-Leucine, and Silicon Dioxide (Silica).</p><p>Not manufactured with milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, sesame, or gluten. Produced in a FDA-registered, third- party, audited and cGMP compliant facility that may process other products that contain these allergens or ingredients.</p></div> <div class="row item-row"> <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3> <strong>Suggested use</strong> </h3> <div class="prodOverviewDetail"> <p>Take 1 capsule daily, with or without food. Best when taken as directed by a qualified healthcare professional.<br/></p> </div> </div> </div> <table border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Supplement Facts</strong></td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Serving Size: </strong>1 Capsule</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Servings Per Container: </strong>30</td></tr><tr align="left" data-id="froala_1" valign="top"><td width="70%"> </td><td width="15%"><strong>Amount Per Serving</strong></td><td width="15%"><strong>%Daily Value</strong></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_2"><td><strong>Probiotic Bacteria Blend</strong><br/>Total Cultures<strong><br/></strong><br/></td><td>314 mg<br/>65 Billion CFU <br/></td><td>†<br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_3"><td>Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_4"><td>Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_5"><td>Lactobacillus lactis subsp. lactis<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_6"><td>Lactobacillus casei<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_7"><td>Lactobacillus gasseri<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_8"><td>Lactobacillus paracasei<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_9"><td>Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_10"><td>Lactobacillus acidophilus<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_11"><td>Lactobacillus brevis<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_12"><td>Lactobacillus fermentum<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr data-id="froala_13"><td>Lactobacillus reuteri<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr align="left" data-id="froala_14" valign="top"><td>Lactobacillus rhamnosus  </td><td> </td><td> </td></tr><tr data-id="froala_15"><td>Lactobacillus salivarius<br/></td><td><br/></td><td><br/></td></tr><tr align="left" data-id="froala_16" valign="top"><td>Streptococcus thermophilus  </td><td> </td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" data-id="froala_17" valign="top"><td>Lactobacillus helveticus</td><td> </td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" data-id="froala_18" valign="top"><td>Bifidobacterium bifidum  </td><td> </td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" data-id="froala_19" valign="top"><td>Bifidobacterium breve  </td><td> </td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" data-id="froala_20" valign="top"><td>Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis  </td><td> </td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" data-id="froala_21" valign="top"><td>Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum</td><td> </td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" data-id="froala_22" valign="top"><td>Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus</td><td> </td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3">†Daily Value not established.</td></tr></tbody></table> Supplements/Digestive Support/Probiotics
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/blithe-vital-treatment-8-nourishing-beans-5-fl-oz-150-ml/101233 Blithe, Vital Treatment, 8 Nourishing Beans, 5 fl oz (150 ml) 33.00 GBP 0.27 kg 16 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm out of stock Brands A-Z/Blithe/Categories/Beauty/Treatments & Serums/Serums/Treatments/Categories/Beauty/K-Beauty/K-Beauty Treatments & Serums Blithe Beauty Treatments & Serums Serums Treatments Beauty K-Beauty K-Beauty Treatments & Serums https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/blt/blt66008/s/19.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/blt/blt66008/s/15.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/blt/blt66008/s/18.jpg Date First Available: September 2020 ~ Shipping Weight: 0.27 kg ~ Product Code: BLT-66008 ~ UPC Code: 8809501660087 ~ Package Quantity: 5 fl oz ~ Dimensions: 16 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm , 0.27 kg 8809501660087 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li>For Vitalizing &amp; Lifting</li><li>Not Tested on Animals</li><li>So Smart, So Delightful</li></ul><p>Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans is a facial essence that help vitalizing and improving skin elasticity to soften the wrinkle, as it contains 80% of 8 nourishing beans extracts. It also assists skin moisture with its components of gamma PGA, and sodium hyaluronate and protects skin with vitamin E in a form of white beads.</p></div> <div class="prodOverviewIngred"><p>GlycineMax(soybean) seed extract(13.17%), arachis hypogaea (peanut) fruit extract(9.66%), ceratonia siliqua (carob) fruit extract(9.66%), glycine max (soybean) seed extract(9.66%), lens esculenta (lentil) fruit extract (9.66%), phaseolus angularis seed extract(9.66%), phaseolus radiatus seed extract(9.66%), phaseolus vulgaris seed extract(9.66%), butylene glycol, glycerin, peg-32, water, 1,2-hexanediol, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, zea mays (com) starch, mannitol, microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, adenosine, potassium hydroxide, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, caramel, disodium edta, polyglutamic acid, sodium hyaluronate, hydrogenated lecithin, tocopheryl acetate, candida bombicola/glucose/methyl rapeseedate ferment, argania spinosa kernel oil, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, avena sativa (oat) kernel extract, carbomer, polysorbate 20, ethylhexylglycerin, palmitoyl tripeptide-1, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, limonene, linalool.</p></div> <div class="row item-row"> <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3> <strong>Suggested use</strong> </h3> <div class="prodOverviewDetail"> <p>Use a pea sized amount of this treatment, spread all over the face after cleansing.</p> </div> </div> </div> Beauty/Treatments & Serums/Serums/Treatments Beauty/K-Beauty/K-Beauty Treatments & Serums
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/medinatura-bhi-skin-eczema-relief-tablets-100-tablets/9366 MediNatura, BHI, Skin Eczema Relief Tablets, 100 Tablets 11.30 GBP 0.05 kg 3.8 x 3.8 x 7.6 cm instock Brands A-Z/MediNatura/Categories/Herbs & Homeopathy/Homeopathy/Homeopathy Formulas/Categories/Bath & Personal Care/Body Care/Skin Treatment/Dry, Itchy Skin MediNatura Herbs & Homeopathy Homeopathy Homeopathy Formulas Bath & Personal Care Body Care Skin Treatment Dry, Itchy Skin https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/hee/hee10061/s/17.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/hee/hee10061/s/19.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/hee/hee10061/s/18.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/hee/hee10061/s/21.jpg Date First Available: June 2008 ~ Shipping Weight: 0.05 kg ~ Product Code: HEE-10061 ~ UPC Code: 787647100613 ~ Package Quantity: 100 Count ~ Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 7.6 cm , 0.05 kg 787647100613 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li>Homeopathic</li><li>40+ Years of Safe Relief</li></ul><p><strong>Natural Relief from:</strong></p><ul><li>Rough Scaly Skin</li><li>Itching Skin</li><li>Redness</li></ul><p><strong>The BHI Story</strong></p><p>Dr. Reckeweg, M.D. believed that health comes from light - the sun gives life to plants, and plants give health to humans.</p><p>In the late 1930's, Dr. Reckeweg found that using multi-ingredient plant-based remedies gave his patients more relief than single-ingredient ones. His homeopathic remedies soon became the most popular ones in Germany.</p><p>After relocating to the sunny high desert of New Mexico, he founded the BHI brand in 1979. For over 40 years we have been faithful to Dr. Reckeweg's "sunny" philosophy which has given thousands of America "dazzling" relief.</p><p><strong>Uses:</strong> For the temporary relief of minor eczema symptoms: rough scaly skin, itching skin, redness.</p></div> <div class="prodOverviewIngred"><table border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td><strong>Active Ingredient**</strong></td><td><strong>Purpose</strong></td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>*Berberis vulgaris 6X</td><td>Relieves itching</td></tr><tr><td>Graphites 10X</td><td>Relieves dry, rough skin</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td>Hydrofluoricum acidum 10X</td><td>Relieves redness</td></tr><tr><td>*Lycopodium clavatum 12X</td><td>Relieves eczema</td></tr><tr><td>*Petroleum 10X<br/></td><td>Relieves dry, rough, itchy skin; moist eczema</td></tr><tr><td>*Rhus tox 8X</td><td>Relieves red, itchy skin</td></tr><tr><td>*Sepia 10X</td><td>Relieves itching</td></tr><tr><td>*Sulphur 12X</td><td>Relives eczema</td></tr><tr valign="top"><td colspan="2">*Natural ingredient<br/>**Each tablet contains equal amounts of each ingredient<br/>X is a homeopathic dilution.</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2"><strong>Inactive ingredients: </strong>*Dextrose, *lactose, magnesium stearate, *maltodextrin.</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2">*Contains one or more of these ingredients</td></tr></tbody></table></div> <div class="row item-row"> <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3> <strong>Suggested use</strong> </h3> <div class="prodOverviewDetail"> <p>At first sign of symptoms: Adults and children 4 years and older: 1 tablet every 1/2 to 1 hours until symptoms lessen, then continue with standard dosage. <strong>Standard dosage: Adults and children 4 years and older:</strong> Taking 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours. Do not exceed 12 tablets in 24 hours. <strong>For children under 4</strong>, consult your health professional. Allow tablets to dissolve completely in the mouth, do not swallow.</p> </div> </div> </div> Herbs & Homeopathy/Homeopathy/Homeopathy Formulas Bath & Personal Care/Body Care/Skin Treatment/Dry, Itchy Skin
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/organic-india-tulsi-tea-turmeric-ginger-caffeine-free-18-infusion-bags-1-2-oz-34-2-g/90440 Organic India, Tulsi Tea, Turmeric Ginger, Caffeine-Free, 18 Infusion Bags, 1.2 oz (34.2 g) 5.60 GBP 0.13 kg 12.7 x 7.6 x 6.6 cm instock Brands A-Z/Organic India/Categories/Grocery/Tea/Tulsi Tea/Categories/Grocery/Tea/Ginger Tea Organic India Grocery Tea Tulsi Tea Grocery Tea Ginger Tea https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/ori/ori51232/s/24.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/ori/ori51232/s/30.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/ori/ori51232/s/22.jpg Best By: December 2024 ~ Date First Available: July 2019 ~ Shipping Weight: 0.13 kg ~ Product Code: ORI-51232 ~ UPC Code: 801541512324 ~ Package Quantity: 18 Count ~ Dimensions: 12.7 x 7.6 x 6.6 cm , 0.09 kg 801541512324 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li>Stress Relieving &amp; Harmonizing</li><li>USDA Organic</li><li>Non GMO Project Verified</li><li>Certified B Corporation</li><li>Herbal Supplement</li><li>Kosher</li><li>Indian Organic</li><li>Fssai</li><li>Certified Organic by Control Union</li><li>Gluten Free</li><li>Vegan</li><li>Vegetarian</li><li>Individually Wrapped for Freshness</li></ul><p><strong>Tulsi</strong></p><p>Revered in India as "The Queen of Herbs," Tulsi (holy basil) is an adaptogenic herb that has been used for more than 5,000 years to:</p><ul><li>Aid in stress relief &amp; uplift mood</li><li>Support the immune system</li><li>Support the natural detoxification process</li></ul><p><strong>Tulsi Turmeric Ginger</strong></p><p>Tulsi, Turmeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon boost the body's inherent immune response while supporting natural detoxification.</p></div> <div class="row item-row"> <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3> <strong>Suggested use</strong> </h3> <div class="prodOverviewDetail"> <p>Use 1 infusion bag per cup of just boiled water. Cover and steep for 5-10 min.</p> </div> </div> </div> <table border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Supplement Facts</strong></td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Serving Size: </strong>1 infusion bag (makes 8 fl oz)</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Servings Per Container: </strong>18</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td width="70%"> </td><td width="15%"><strong>Amount Per Infusion Bag</strong></td><td width="15%"><strong>%Daily Value</strong></td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Proprietary Organic Blend</td><td>1.9 g</td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Organic Tulsi Blend</td><td> </td><td>†</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)(Krishna &amp; Rama varieties) (leaf)</td><td> </td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Organic Turmeric (rhizome)</td><td> </td><td>†</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Organic Ginger (rhizome)</td><td> </td><td>†</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Organic Cinnamon (bark)</td><td> </td><td>†</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Organic Black Pepper (berries)</td><td> </td><td>†</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Organic Clove (flower bud)</td><td> </td><td>†</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Organic Stevia (leaf)</td><td> </td><td>†</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3">†Daily Value not established.</td></tr></tbody></table> Grocery/Tea/Tulsi Tea Grocery/Tea/Ginger Tea
https://uk.iherb.com/pr/thorne-omega-3-with-coq10-90-gelcaps/18622 Thorne, Omega-3 with CoQ10, 90 Gelcaps 41.77 GBP 0.19 kg 12.6 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm instock Brands A-Z/Thorne/Categories/Supplements/Fish Oil & Omegas (EPA DHA)/Omega-3 Fish Oil Thorne Supplements Fish Oil & Omegas (EPA DHA) Omega-3 Fish Oil https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/thr/thr61603/s/30.jpg, https://cloudinary.images-iherb.com/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto:eco/images/thr/thr61603/s/35.jpg Best By: October 2024 ~ Date First Available: August 2009 ~ Shipping Weight: 0.19 kg ~ Product Code: THR-61603 ~ UPC Code: 693749616030 ~ Package Quantity: 90 Count ~ Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm , 0.19 kg 693749616030 <div itemprop="description"><ul><li>450 mg EPA and 180 mg DHA with CoQ10</li><li>Dietary Supplement</li><li>Brain/Nerves</li><li>Heart/Vessels</li><li>Foundational</li></ul><p>Support heart and brain health with Omega-3 with CoQ10.</p><p>Omega-3 with CoQ10 combines heart healthy essential fatty acids with the antioxidant and cellular energy production capabilities of Coenzyme Q10 – all the benefits of two great products in one easy-to-take gelcap.</p><p>Thorne’s Omega-3 with CoQ10 contains the two most vital omega-3 fatty acids from fish – EPA and DHA – combined with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) for synergistic support and enhanced absorption.</p><p><strong>Benefits of Omega-3 with CoQ10:</strong></p><ul><li>Promotes cardiovascular health – supports healthy blood vessel function and blood flow, helps maintain already normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides</li><li>Enhances cellular energy production</li><li>Helps protect against oxidative stress</li><li>Supports a healthy inflammatory response</li><li>Helps maintain healthy brain function</li><li>Promotes healthy kidney function - supports vascular tissues and blood flow, protects against oxidative stress, and helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response</li></ul><p><strong>Omega-3 with CoQ10 features:</strong></p><ul><li>Highest quality, purest fish oil available from sustainably sourced cold-water fish</li><li>Molecular distillation removes contaminants, including PCBs and heavy metals</li><li>CoQ10 with fish oil to benefit absorption</li></ul></div> <div class="prodOverviewIngred"><p>Gelatin (bovine), purified water and glycerin (vegetable source) gelcap, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols).</p><p>Contains ingredients derived from fish (fish oil = anchovy).</p></div> <div class="row item-row"> <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3> <strong>Suggested use</strong> </h3> <div class="prodOverviewDetail"> <p>Take 1 gelcap two to three times daily or as recommended by your health-care practitioner. </p> </div> </div> </div> <table border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Supplement Facts</strong></td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3"><strong>Serving Size: </strong>One Gelcap</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td width="70%"><br/></td><td width="15%"><strong>One Gelcap Contains:</strong></td><td width="15%"><strong>%Daily Value</strong></td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Calories</td><td>10</td><td> </td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Total Fat</td><td>1.5 g</td><td>2%*</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)<br/>(from Fish Oil)</td><td>450 mg</td><td>**</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)<br/>(from Fish Oil)</td><td>180 mg</td><td>**</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td>Coenzyme Q10</td><td>30 mg</td><td>**</td></tr><tr align="left" valign="top"><td colspan="3">*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.<br/>**Daily Value (DV) not established.</td></tr></tbody></table> Supplements/Fish Oil & Omegas (EPA DHA)/Omega-3 Fish Oil