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Total wine and more products dataset extracted by crawl feeds team using in-house tools. Tracking all the data points present in the individual product page. Data format: CSV

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name, url, sku, source, subtitle, brand, description, currency, price, category_1, category_2, category_3, details, image, food_pairings, reviews_count, average_rating, uniq_id, scraped_at

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name url sku source subtitle brand description currency price category_1 category_2 category_3 details image food_pairings reviews_count average_rating uniq_id scraped_at
Boordy 98760750-1 totalwine 750ml Boordy NewCondition USD 19.99 wine white-wine chardonnay [{'id': '000002', 'name': 'White Wine', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '000004', 'name': 'Chardonnay', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}, {'id': '000497', 'name': 'Maryland', 'type': 'COUNTRY_STATE'}] Grilled Fish, Chicken, Shellfish 87f4129c-e6d9-53d6-87b7-673068846fe1 09/15/23
Montepeloso 126154750-1 totalwine 750ml Montepeloso NewCondition USD wine red-wine red-blend [{'id': '000009', 'name': 'Red Wine', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '000012', 'name': 'Red Blend', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}, {'id': '000278', 'name': 'Italy', 'type': 'COUNTRY_STATE'}, {'id': '000466', 'name': 'Tuscany', 'type': 'REGION'}] Beef, Lamb, Hard Cheese b377eb5a-6aab-59b9-9c1a-cd88214169c1 09/15/23
Morad 215891750-1 totalwine 750ml Morad NewCondition USD wine fruit-wine fruit-blends [{'id': '000035', 'name': 'Fruit Wine', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '000037', 'name': 'Fruit Blends', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}, {'id': '000434', 'name': 'Israel', 'type': 'COUNTRY_STATE'}] 189d64c6-1930-5d61-af82-2eac846f0964 09/15/23
Brooklyn Republic 146172750-1 totalwine 750ml Brooklyn Republic NewCondition USD spirits vodka flavored-vodka [{'id': '000897', 'name': 'Vodka', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '000900', 'name': 'Flavored Vodka', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}, {'id': '000946', 'name': 'Blueberry', 'type': 'STYLE'}, {'id': '001016', 'name': 'United States', 'type': 'COUNTRY_STATE'}, {'id': '001043', 'name': 'New York', 'type': 'REGION'}] f19d89e2-bc43-5f59-a1b2-45ec14c61f1c 09/15/23
Dugges 232150330-1 totalwine 330ml Dugges NewCondition USD beer specialty-styles fruit-beer [{'id': '001165', 'name': 'Specialty Styles', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '001216', 'name': 'Fruit Beer', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}, {'id': '001364', 'name': 'Sweden', 'type': 'COUNTRY_STATE'}] 6aa7d9ae-2977-5970-8ff2-e1be78e0fece 09/15/23
Narragansett 149332122-2 totalwine 12pk-12oz Cans Narragansett NewCondition USD 20.99 beer specialty-styles shandy-radler [{'id': '001165', 'name': 'Specialty Styles', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '001168', 'name': 'Shandy/Radler', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}, {'id': '001304', 'name': 'United States', 'type': 'COUNTRY_STATE'}, {'id': '001335', 'name': 'Rhode Island', 'type': 'REGION'}] 51ca3e93-4a05-5da2-b598-df92b173e53c 09/15/23
Fee Brothers 116021233-1 totalwine 4oz Fee Brothers NewCondition USD 7.99 accessories-more mixers-water-soda bitters [{'id': '001432', 'name': 'Mixers, Water & Soda', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '001549', 'name': 'Bitters', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}] a32e9324-9c41-5446-9fbf-f3502835f3e5 09/15/23
Thibault Liger Belair 231814750-1 totalwine 750ml Thibault Liger Belair NewCondition USD 299.99 wine red-wine pinot-noir [{'id': '000009', 'name': 'Red Wine', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '000018', 'name': 'Pinot Noir', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}, {'id': '000270', 'name': 'France', 'type': 'COUNTRY_STATE'}, {'id': '000508', 'name': 'Burgundy', 'type': 'REGION'}, {'id': '000510', 'name': 'Vougeot', 'type': 'APPELLATION'}] Beef, Pork, Chicken a1c11163-126f-5b90-abf4-b1a377500575 09/15/23
Francovich 122189010-1 totalwine 1L Francovich NewCondition USD 57.99 spirits ready-to-drink whiskey-cocktails [{'id': '000791', 'name': 'Ready to Drink', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '191016', 'name': 'Whiskey Cocktails', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}, {'id': '197032', 'name': 'Manhattan', 'type': 'STYLE'}, {'id': '001016', 'name': 'United States', 'type': 'COUNTRY_STATE'}] Salty Snacks, Spicy, Red Meat 0827a21c-01b6-58ee-9c83-5863bb0611cf 09/15/23
Scrappy's 124038233-1 totalwine 5oz Scrappy's NewCondition USD 18.99 accessories-more mixers-water-soda bitters [{'id': '001432', 'name': 'Mixers, Water & Soda', 'type': 'PRODUCT_TYPE'}, {'id': '001549', 'name': 'Bitters', 'type': 'VARIETAL_TYPE'}] e85c657a-0058-553c-9519-d4c6028567c9 09/15/23