Amazon products datasets monthly scraper

Ecommerce dataset from amazon

We are extracting 100K+ records from Amazon and we extract data for same data points and we already list all the data points in data points section. Data available from Aug to Nov and yet to start for Dec data.

Total four datasets are available till now

Random 100K+ records

These datasets helps to measure the inflation, price analysis, discounts offering by particular brands ... etc

Four datasets cost will be $450 


Site complexity: Difficult

New extraction we charge $200/100K records

Data points:

url, asin, name, price, images, brand, product_overview, about_item, specifications, product_details, primary_category, category_1, category_2, category_3, breadcrumbs, availability, description, five_star, four_star, three_star, two_star, one_star, uniqId, scrapedAt

Data points count:


Availability or Type:

On demand

Delivery time:



You will recieve sample data with 48hr.