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Get google business information and reviews data in affordable prices from USA, UK and many other countries. Look at our sample data (

You can customize data based on location, business type, country specific ... etc.

We are giving 20 sample records to get overview of original data.

Google scraping service:


1. Google maps business information

2. Google reviews data

3. Google directions and traffic data

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Data points:

name, site, type, subtypes, category, phone, full_address, borough, street, city, postal_code, state, country, country_code, latitude, longitude, time_zone, plus_code, rating, reviews, reviews_link, reviews_per_score, reviews_per_score_1, reviews_per_score_2, reviews_per_score_3, reviews_per_score_4, reviews_per_score_5, photos_count, photo, street_view, working_hours, working_hours_old_format, popular_times, business_status, about, range, posts, verified, reservation_links, booking_appointment_link, menu_link, order_links, location_link, place_id, google_id, reviews_id, domain, email_1, email_2, email_3, Facebook, instagram, linkedin, medium, reddit, skype, snapchat, telegram, whatsapp, twitter, vimeo, YouTube, github, crunchbase, title, generator, description, keywords

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