Lowes data scraper

Ecommerce dataset from lowes

Lowes on demand scraper will extract publicly available data from lowes.com. Lowes data scraper will extract as much data as you need and customize each and every data point as per your requirements.

Update existing data points or will add new datapoints

Data delivery available in JSON/CSV/XML/XLSX

Minimum data delivery time 48hrs and it will extend upto two weeks depends on quantity of data.

100K records/$120


Data points:

name, url, sku, currency, price, availability, availableDeliveryMethod, brand, description, overview, images, specs, primary_category, category_1, category_2, category_3, breadcrumbs, reviews_count, average_rating, uniq_id, scraped_at

Data points count:


Availability or Type:

On demand

Delivery time:

5 Days


You will recieve sample data with 48hr.