Bulk image downloader

Quick & Easy Process to download Publicly available images from the internet

Give us a domain where you want get the images. We will start with url extraction and individual page meta data and its images will downloaded.

How the sample data looks like?

   "name": "product 01",
   "price": $45,
    "images": "image_source_url_01 | image_source_url_02",
   "local_image_file": "folder_name/downloaded_image_01.png | folder_name/downloaded_image_02.jpg"

Check out one of the sample data from our store:

Myntra product images dataset

How can we download the data?

Images data is bulk in size. We will share secure google drive downloadable link and it will be available for 30 days.

Few important notes

We don't alter the image size or image extension.

We will send you single zip file which includes images folder and meta data file.

If any product has multipe images we will append to an index to image name.
Like: "folder_name/<-id or product name->_index.png"


It's depends on image sizes, image quality and quantity. Please reach out to crawl feeds team for Price estimations.